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Now that Arte is Staying

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6 hours ago, mmc said:

Always been surprised people seem to throw much more shade at Carpino than they do Molly Jolly, Carpino is in charge of the business, marketing, and sales side of things, whereas Jolly oversees payroll

Our writer @Afternoon Angel interviewed her for a special we did on "The Women of Angels Baseball" in addition to Jackie Autry and a few others that worked for the Angels. Seemed like a cool person via the interview but a few years later I ran into her in Tempe, AZ at Diablo Stadium and I introduced myself and thanked her for the interview with Ellen Bell...

She came across incredibly rude and snobby. But who knows, maybe she was having a bad day?

Here's our full interview and thread with Molly @mmc


By Ellen Bell, AngelsWin.com Staff Writer - 
Molly Jolly gets asked the same question all the time.
"How did you get such a cool job?"
As Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, Jolly oversees financial matters for the Angels. It may seem that working in professional sports requires specialized talents. But the steps that brought her to the front office of a major league baseball team are the same ones needed for success at any job: finding your passion, making a plan, and gathering as many skills and experiences along the way. 
When Jolly was a kid in Florida, going to Miami Dolphins games with her dad, she couldn't have known that she would one day work for a professional sports franchise. Instead, she started on a typical career path, majoring in economics and accounting and working in a traditional corporate environment. 
Her job at the Atlantic Ritchfield Company (ARCO) led her to Anchorage, Alaska where she was an inventory accountant and financial analyst for their exploratory drilling operation. While in Alaska, Jolly became interested in the business operations of the local minor league hockey team. This attraction to the financial side of professional sports set her on a course that would lead to her future career.
“I had run the gamut of the oil experience,” said Jolly. “I was looking for a change.”
She brought her dream of a new career in the entertainment/sports industry with her to  Los Angeles, where she earned her MBA in Business Administration at UCLA.  For her thesis project she wrote a business plan for buying a minor league hockey team. This  led to consulting work with the Long Beach Ice Dogs. It was about this time when The Disney Company was looking for a Director of Finance for both the Anaheim Ducks and the Angels. 
The right job came along at just the right time.
Success may have seemed like an overnight stroke of good luck, but it was really a result of years of business experience and an intentional plan to join the industry of her choice. 
“It was a combination of moving in the right direction and then having enough momentum to make it happen when the opportunity came along.”
Today, Molly Jolly is responsible for the financial and administrative side of the Angels Organization, which includes everything from financial reporting and budgeting to ticketing operations and human resources. From her side of things, working in the front office of a major league baseball team is no different than any other corporation.
“Baseball is a business,” said Jolly. “Having a broad tool kit of transportable skills is more important than knowing the difference between an ball and a strike.”
Being a woman makes little difference when it comes to business opportunities in the professional sports industry. 
“In the Angels organization, we need people with a wide variety of skills,” Jolly explains. “Regardless of gender or sports experience. We look for people who are good at what they do.”
During home games, she can be found at Angels Stadium, making sure that all is going smoothly. Being on duty during the game is part of the job description in professional sports. But every once and awhile, Jolly likes to takes a break and enjoy the same experience as the fans. Once on her birthday, she told her husband that she wanted to sit in the stands, eat a hot dog and watch the game like everyone else. 
“Nobody knew who I was. I could just relax and enjoy the game like all the other fans.”
Look for my next 'Women of Angels Baseball' segment on Monday, June 17th as I uncover yet another influential woman behind 


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17 hours ago, Stradling said:

I don’t care about the title but if he brought in Theo Epstein or someone like him it would require a title like that. Also I like Minasian, I just want Carpino replaced and I’d assume the next one to have his role would probably have the title PBO. 

Not at all.

Theres a difference between “President” and “President of Baseball Operations.”

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15 hours ago, Inside Pitch said:

Lol, yes...  Again, you have as much say in determining payroll as she does.  She could personally be signing the checks and still not have any say in the final MLB payroll.

It says she’s in charge of planning & budgeting. Seems highly influential 

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1) put an much money into scouting, development, analytics, etc. as Perry thinks necessary.

2) attempt to extend Shohei. If you can't get it done this offseason then allow Perry to field trade offers and give him the blessing to do what he sees fit.

3) regardless of whether he's able to extend Shohei he needs to open up the pocket book without any budgetary restrictions.

Essentially, allow Perry to do whatever he wants throughout the organization without any thought to a budget. Anything short of that is failure.

He can reinstate an mlb roster budget when the farm system is functioning at a high level.

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4 hours ago, AngelsFanSince86 said:

I mean give him free reign to be a GM. Allow him to determine what needs to be done to establish a proper scouting, development, and analytics departments. Allow him to build an mlb roster free of payroll restrictions. 

Name me any GM or PBO who has no payroll restrictions and I'll call BS. Even Cohen has some degree of limitations, no matter how small. 

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Honestly guys...with so much riding on this season...I think there needs to be an immediate reconsideration of entrusting it to Phil Nevin. I mean, his 1 year extension made sense from a continuity stand-point when Arte put the team up. But now, with Arte staying...is a 2nd year "rookie" manager (despite his expereience) who made as many/more terrible in-game decisions his predecessor did, really the guy who you want leading the team forward now? I mean...I know it's late to be thinking/making such a move. But, with the "pluses" that have been added to address an, admittedly, deficient roster, this too was a weakness that team suffered from/much acknowledge now as well. 

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On 1/25/2023 at 5:50 PM, Pancake Bear said:

Name me any GM or PBO who has no payroll restrictions and I'll call BS. Even Cohen has some degree of limitations, no matter how small. 

Are you hoping Arte will see your posts then give you a job in the front office?

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7 hours ago, Pancake Bear said:

Did you wake up today and decided to be a troll?

Huh? I think you should be in the front office. If you, Doc, IP, and AJ were given jobs, I'd feel much better about the organization's future.

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