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Roberto Clemente Day!


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Roberto Clemente was my favorite player when I was growing up... the first WS I ever saw was the 1971 WS that the Pirates won in 7 games against the Orioles.  It was the first time games were played at night and I was captivated by that team and Clemente.  In 1972, I would make my first trip to Dodger stadium to specifically see Roberto Clemente. 

Clemente would not disappoint - going 3 for 5 in a 5-1 victory.  Steve Blass would throw a complete game.  Frank Robinson would hit a homerun for the Dodgers' only run of the game.

Box Score - June 9, 1972 Some HOFers in that box score...

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4 minutes ago, yk9001 said:


I will say this.  The Roberto Clemente days/events/celebrations are a tenth of Jackie Robinson's...

Otherwise, I got nothing. 

It will never stop.

if you're trying to make us think you didn't buy a light blue Angels hat for father's day and a camouflage hat for memorial day, i'm not sure I believe you.

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Just now, Tank said:

August 24 was celebrated as Kobe Bryant day this year, being that he wore both 8 and 24. I don't really remember this happening before.

Then you haven't been paying attention.

There's the day he was born. 8/24. The day he died.


I don't think there is a day to commemorate the events in Colorada.

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Clemente had a difficult time being initially being accepted in the majors because he was a black Puerto Rico player.  He didn't fit into any already established group of players and was often excluded from the team.  However, throughout his entire career, he remained generous with his time and money helping to make a difference in many people's lives.  A legacy worth celebrating.

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1 hour ago, eligrba said:

I see lots of posters dismissing this as just another meaningless day, but for those doing the dismissing, have the courtesy to at least read a little about his life before summarily dismissing the man. 

I know exactly who Roberto Clemente was, and what an exemplary life he led.  I'm just against more and more "days" but that's just me.  By all means, have at it.

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