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  1. He didn't even ask you to hold his beer.
  2. I had a Jay Johnstone bat that I got at an Angels game when I was a kid. Back when they had Bat Nights... I'm sad to hear of his passing.
  3. Ok. So, winning creates swagger....
  4. At least Eppler can now go surfing with Ausmus.
  5. Any Scott McCorkle fans? At least he went to Syracuse.
  6. Reading through this thread was more entertaining than the season.
  7. The longer this year went on without baseball, the less interested I became in this year. Not being able to go to games, just killed it for me. Watching it on TV just didn't do it for me. The fake fan noise, the crazy rules, etc., just didn't make it enjoyable. I tried to watch, but I ended up doing something else or watching something else most of the time. The negative crap in this forum got old reallly, really fast. So... I sort of took the year off. You could say I opted out. I'll be back, but I just didn't care that much this year. I got used to not having baseball and the
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