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  1. How can you guys be talking about food at a time like this?
  2. I"m going to need to see your financials along with everyone else's to confirm that.
  3. Robot WILLIE? Really? AKA Mechanical Dick? @Chuckster70 did he get the robo welcome? hahaha
  4. Technically, there's a guy who follows him around carrying his phone for him. I believe his name is @tdawg87
  5. You're going to have to be disinfected before returning to this forum. See @tdawg87 for showering instructions.
  6. They tried to sign Machado or Harper last, they're definitely serious. But like you said... how much are they willing to spend on a pitcher?
  7. Breaking news: Major League Baseball and Rob Manfred will be announcing harsh penalties for the individual responsible for high tech sign stealing scheme in Houston. This high profile employee has been identified as: Per anonymous sources familiar with the investigation - This Astros staff member will be the only individual disciplined by the commissioner's office.
  8. Full Trout interview airing on MLB Network radio at 9:35 a.m. today.