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Astros should hire Mike Scioscia as new manager

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I think it's a good sign for every other team in the AL West that Houston seems intent on hiring the manager before they hire the GM.  Seems like such an ass-backward way of doing things.  Maybe the plan is to promote an assistant GM who's currently running things but it wouldn't surprise me if Crane and his son take control of every single facet of the org.  Hopefully It will be like Angelos running the Orioles into the ground for all those years and it will be glorious.     

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I think Sosh would be a good hire for any of those teams. He’s experienced and wouldn’t  need a lot of time to get organized. He’s not going to spend a lot of time going over the respective controversies the teams faced. He’ll keep everything focused on the games.

As noted above, Showalter already interviewed. John Gibbons is next. Bochy already turned HOU down.

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Mike Scioscia is still a great manager.  If the Astros or Red Sox want to get back to the World Series on their own merits, Mike Scioscia would be the perfect hire for one of those jobs.  

I can fill the other job, and maybe even provide references.will ferrell lol GIF

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another idea
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