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  1. Should be renamed to Los Angeles, that'll piss the Dodgers off. The Los Angeles Los Angeles: The The Angels The Angels
  2. Maybe Arte should fire himself for not letting Eppler do his job.
  3. Depending on how serious this is, the real question is if this opens up the Indians market for trades.
  4. The lack of FA signings is all you need to know, this organization undervalues starting pitching for reasons unknown.
  5. I too agree that we would be a 97 win team IF EVERYONE improved but that almost never happens, and we're not the cheating Astros. Expect some regression or stagnation from some players including injuries, slumps etc.
  6. Not having a frontline ace hurts the team a lot more than pure Wins Above Replacement or regular pitching wins putting more strain on the starters and even the bullpen. It can also hurt team morale and potentially team chemistry which hurts the team overall in my opinion. Sure Ohtani will get more at bats, but the team well benefit the most from starting pitching and not having him there until May will hurt the team without a doubt, and I estimate 4-5 wins worth. I didn't know baseball was so predictably linear for you guys, I must have overestimated some of the posters on here. Sad.
  7. I thought this was a 90ish win team before the Ohtani news but now I think we're an 85ish win team. Oh well I already voted, call me an optimist for once.
  8. Ayy sir! Alright the poll is extended to the end of Spring Training, I was kind of hoping to get the votes in before Spring games sway people in any way. Stradling is my puppet master.
  9. I made a post yesterday stating that I think this team is playoff bound but people only remember the bad things I said about this team from last year, it's too late to redeem myself.
  10. I told you I appreciate him spending big, he's a cool owner but I guess I'm a troll for saying what I think.