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  1. I'm excited, we've gone to games There when my kids were younger, but never been there before spring games started so should be cooler because they're should be less people so players will hopefully chat wth us, sign.
  2. Great info, thanks I'm actually staying in Scottsdale. I'll have my kids and wife so my kids would be excited to maybe chat with some players and get some autographs.
  3. It's all good, I'll figure it out I'm sure I can probably call the stadium info line, I know I found online somewhere that said usually starts in the mornings and usually free to watch, least on the practice fields.
  4. Hey I'll make sure to posts pics for you guys if you'd like.
  5. I'll be in Phoenix this weekend, wanted to see some practice, first looks at position players. Anyone Know good times to show up, was hoping Sunday, Monday.?
  6. When asked about the buzzers, he immediately looks down and to the right than up quickly while taking quick gulp. He knows they're was more lol.
  7. You can tell he knew more than he said there from some of his facial expressions, answers, but least he went on camera and first to really go into it.
  8. Good points and I ain’t gonna disagree, plus I’m sure MLB knows more than we do in the book of secrets and yes it was wrong what he did without a doubt, not arguing that. Just think this is as bad, the Astros most likely won a world series from their cheating, as far as I know no one won a ring from Pete Rose Betting only his own pockets and few others. Just think he's paid his time.
  9. Well didn't think know that. But who ever is in charge needs to get the ball rolling! You got some future hall of famers brewing on that Astros roster that should be put on blast for what they know they did. Doesn't seem like this incident gonna ruin they're chances. But no way around it, they straight up cheated. Worse in my opinion then Rose.
  10. So I just want to know really, when is the Commish gonna lift the ban on Pete Rose? He needs to be in for sure after this scandal!!
  11. Clevinger is no Ace and no way would Addel be worth trading for him. What a joke
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