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Off-season wishlist

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The last few years have obviously been lean (aside from upton). And it was understandable with all the injuries and the budget. This year theres kind of no excuse. The farm isnt going to solve much in the near future (but by 2020 help should be here).

Whats the priority? Offense? Defense? A closer? Do we make the big splash, or smaller moves to spread out the money?

We obviously need help with offense, but were going to need another SP. I think banking on ohtani is a bad idea.

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I would like to see us make a "big splash" on a closer, a Kelvin Herrera type. That pushes Middleton to an 8th inning role and to go with keeping Parker, Alvarez, and Bedrosian, our bullpen starts to look respectable. Obviously there are a lot of holes but for me that is the first thing I'd like to see addressed.

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Grandal, Kimbrel, Kershaw. Call it an offseason.

Kidding, mostly. But those are the teams needs:

Catcher - do they go after Grandal or for a budget solution?

Relievers - they just traded for two options but still need "that guy" you can count on to close things out. Elite closers seem to be more rare these days and it is hard imagining Kimbrel not re-upping with the Red Sox, especially if they win the WS. I'd like to see Meyer transitioned to the bullpen and groomed to be a closer. I think he has the stuff.

Starter? - This partially depends upon Ohtani's health. Heaney, Skaggs, and Barria are locks. And then you have Ohtani, Tropeano, Shoemaker, Canning, Suarez, Pena, Bridwell, maybe Meyer, Ramirez, Lamb, Jewell. A lot of question marks. It would probably behoove Eppler to sign one dependable starter.

All of the other pieces are in place, just some internal questions:

- How does the infield configuration look? I expect only Simmons has a permanent starting gig locked up and we'll see some kind of rotation with Cozart, Fletcher, Fernandez, and Rengifo at 2B and 3B, and a similar rotation at 1B/DH with Pujols, Ohtani, Fernandez, and eventually Thaiss.

- Who will be the 4th outfielder? Will they sign a new guy (probably) or go with Hermosillo?


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15 minutes ago, GrittyVeterans said:

Offense has to be a priority. Need a guy that gets on base and a guy that has power

The first would be Rengifo, who I hope we get a good look at in September and has a chance to win the starting 2B job in Spring Training next year. Ward could also provide some pop, and Fernandez who I hope will steal the 1B job from Pujols (yeah, right).

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Looking at our current team stats within the AL:

7th in runs scored

4th in ERA

13th in saves (Seattle are 1st)

I know it's a longshot but we should atleast be trying hard to sign Kimbrel. We're not losing anyone important in the offseason and with the hopeful emergence of some of our infield prospects I think we can improve in runs scored. I think you get a real closer on this team and we can be a contender.

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Grandal has to be the #1 target.  We need a catcher and need LH power - he fulfills both.

If we sign him as our major move, our offense looks like:

2B Fletcher, DH Ohtani, CF Trout, LF Upton, C Grandal, 1B Pujols, RF Calhoun, SS Simmons, 3B Cozart (or maybe Ward?)

If Calhoun can hit close to how he is now, then that's actually a pretty legit lineup overall.

Beyond Grandal, I wouldn't make any major free agent signings, with the exception of perhaps a SP on a one year deal to help provide further depth.  Continue to develop the farm, supplement from there.

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17 minutes ago, Kody Mac said:

For me Kimbrel is getting up there in age and we'd be paying for his past. I'd hate to see us fork out a bunch of money for an old closer and have it blow up in our face.

I agree, I wouldn't want to see anything over 4 or 5 years but he just turned 30 so I think he'd still be a top guy at least for the end of trout's contract. That said I think I'd still prefer herrera. Either way I just want us to sign a top caliber guy with closer pedigree.

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46 minutes ago, Dochalo said:

Corbin, Grandal, Kimbrel, Eugenio Suarez.  


A catcher that can hit

A moto bat

A front line starter 

A back end reliever 

I doubt E. Suarez is dealt. Senzel is already playing 2B and SS for the Reds before his minor league season ended. Plus we have Taylor Ward.

I like your other options. Besides Kimbrel there's Herrera we could go after, or both. 

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To rank priorities:

1st - Has to be a closer, Kimbrel/Herrera

2nd - Obviously need a catcher after the maldo trade, Grandal/Maldonado

3rd - Bit of a luxury but definitely could use another starter, Corbin or someone cheaper.

With Koles resurgence I think you leave the OF as is and don't risk blocking Adell's path. I think we are fine on the IF especially with the flexibility of Fletcher and Cozart. If any of Rengifo, Ward, or Thaiss show that they are MLB talent I see no need to sign another IF.

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i personally think our off-season starts when September call ups occur. By calling up the following guys  Ward and Rengifo and allowing them to show case there skills will play an key roll in the off-season; Along with these guys i would call up Luis Pena and put him into the Bp and see what how he translate into his new role.


 1. first up has to be an closer, I'm also intrigued by the idea of having Anderson pitch as our closer for the rest of season, it seems like he figuring our how to use his stuff in the past few appearance, Therefore if Anderson succeeds in this new role, i'd thing it would be wise to get an set-up reliever that has had closing appearance, here's a list of few:

   1. Britton- His stuff looks as if its returning, still has that dominating sinker and the velocity is back, The BB rate is a worry but that GO rate is something to consider

   2. Herrera - he's been pretty dominate throughout his career, but the decline in K rate is a worry

i personally do not believe we have an chance to sign Kimbel, I would like to what do not see him leaving boston and if he does only place i can see him going to is Atlanta. 

2. Next up is getting an Catcher, and this choice goes to Grandal 

3. With Skaggs, Heaney Trop and Barria slotted into next years rotation, while also with the uncertainty surrounding Ohtani and Shoe. I still do not think we need to add an extra starter and should wait until the next free agency and go after one of the big pitchers available. For the Fifth spot i expect Ohtani to be in that spot to start the season and Shoemaker, fighting for a starting rotation spot.


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