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Mike Trout on MLB Network

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Prior to Monday’s Home Run Derby, Mike Trout joined Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, two-time All-Star Al Leiter and MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger on MLB Tonight to discuss his seven All-Star experiences, career successes and teammate Albert Pujols assisting him at the plate:https://atmlb.com/2NmEbI4.

On Pujols, Trout said, “I talk to Albert almost every day. He can look at my swing and he can tell me when I’m feeling good and when I’m not. He knows exactly what I’m doing. I can’t thank him enough throughout my whole career what I would do if he wasn’t here. Just to have a mentor like that. Obviously baseball, breaking records, passing Hall of Famers, hitting 3000 hits, other than that he’s a better person off the field. One of the toughest teammates I ever played with, grinding every day, putting it all out on the field and producing.”


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2 hours ago, TroutField said:

Broke my heart when they asked him what was his next goal and it was to make the postseason... come on Angels... please!! 

I thought the same thing. The guy wants to play in big games. This .500 record every year is bs with a talent like that. Eppler needs to put the right coach in place and get better pieces around him ASAP if they want a chance at keeping him. 

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1 hour ago, Stradling said:

Yes, he and every other player ever wants to play in the playoffs.  It’s also something every single player has to say when asked.  

Yeah it’s a little different when it seems like it will be the difference between Mike Trout staying an Angel or not

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12 minutes ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

Vlad can't compare to Trout, and wrt Simmons, I said arguably. Simmons war the last two years will be comparable to Guerrero's two best years with the team. If he keeps up his hitting he will far exceed it.

 Vlad won an MVP award and had an OPS of .927 in his 7 seasons here.

In his first 4 seasons here, his lowest OPS was .934


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1 hour ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

With the talent this team has, it's hard to understand how they have had so little recent success. During our 2002-2009 run we did not have a single player the quality of Trout and arguably Simmons.

The 2002 Angels had SEVEN guys with a 4 WAR or higher, six of those were on the offensive side.  

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