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PTI Angels Big 3

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Question was asked in the over/under part of the show if they thought Trout, Pujols and Hamilton would combine to hit over 100 Home runs this year.

Tony said they are on pace for 75 right now, but said we know Pujols is going to hit atleast 35. Doesn't know about Hamilton and says he's really struggling (duh). Doesn't know if Trout can hit 36, too small of a sample size and said they would finish under the 100 home run mark.

Wilbon predicted they would finish slightly over. Thinks Pujols is going to get to 38-39. Hamilton will find his numbers because thats what veteran players do, he'll get to 35. And agreed with Tony, saying Trout is the wildcard.

Just figured id post this, nothing really important was said. But I always like to hear what Wilbon thinks.

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Yeah i think you may end up being pretty close. I really don't know about Hamilton though. Trout i can see getting to or just about 30. History says Pujols will get his 35 so thats a fair prediction. Assuming he doesnt go on the DL.

But yeah I'd go under 100 as well.

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I think the four will hit 110 home runs at least. I still think that Hamilton, as bad as he has been will hit over 30 and probably closer to 35. He has been so bad and yet still was 5 home runs, which is about one a week. He is bound to heat up and have a month where he hits 12 home runs. Hell, if he has three months where he hits 8 each month he will hit well over 30. I think Pujols will start to hit a little more and get close to 30. I think Trout is a lock for 30, he might even have close to 20 by the All Star Break, he has been hitting the ball very well this month. Trumbo if he can avoid the long slump that killed him last season will hit 35. I guess we will see.

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