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As Angels dial down Angel Talk, is technology enhancing those shows - or killing them?

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I like having Angel talk on the radio, mainly because I can listen to it while driving somewhere or while doing other things.  It's a completely different group of fans who call in than found on a message board, and I like to hear their comments.  I also think Terry Smith does a great job handling the wide variety of calls, some of them pretty mis-informed.  But to answer your initial question, yes I do think the other forms of social media are killing off this type of show, or at least diluting the need for it.

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i got a couple of things here, 


1st, I hope they bring Terry Smith back.  I like him a lot. 

2nd, I think its kind of unfortunate that Angels talk isn't getting the volume of callers that it once did.  I think theres a couple of reasons for that, one of them being diminishing interest in the team.  Lets face it, the last 6 or 7 years have not been fantastic to the Angels.  We see this with the attendance numbers as well.  Its unfortunate we didn't a get nice playoff run out of last season.

3rd, If they do continue to move away from the post game show type content, I think it would be fantastic to have a dedicated podcast produced by the team.  Im not talking about a rah rah team schill program.  A good forum where the team can be discussed critically.  In that format maybe it can be longer and cover more topics then 30 minutes of radio post game rants.  Talk about the hot stove, trades whatever.  It can be a 2 or 3 times a week thing during the season and maybe have specials during the winter meetings and the run up to spring training and during spring training itself.


my thoughts.

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I don't believe the radio call in show is dead. I would enjoy listening to some insightful radio after the game. Terry Smith is no doubt a wonderful man, but not someone I enjoy listening to on the current call in show. It's clumsy and comes off as a FO propaganda feed. Don't hate on me, it's just MHO.


Overall, I mostly enjoy him calling games, but the HR call has sailed for me.

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Way too much company line. Terry cut people off pretty quickly, and was too eager to inject his "view" rather than actually listen to what callers had to say.

But as I said, I pretty much stopped listening to the company line BS pretty quickly.

Maybe it got better.

Terry Smith makes the most extreme Scioscia apologists on this board look like failos. It's clear he will be fired or traded to Kansas City is he does not vigorously defend even the most ridiculous of decisions.

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It's like when some tech blogger reviews the new iPhone while Apple is paying hundreds of thousands in advertising on the website.

We all know the blogger is full of shit.


Why should I give one single **** what Terry has to say.

Edited by Poozy
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Sometimes I can't help but feel that it's the old-timers and "morons" that are usually the ones to call in. They're the out of touch people who don't know much and want an answer from the person who works closely with the team. Whether it's hockey, baseball, basketball... people call and ask stupid questions like "When is ____ player coming back from an injury?" When all of us online here, know the time frame.


At the same time though... win and stop sucking. That will bring in more happy callers. I noticed that it has the opposite effect for message boards. When you suck, most of us like to rant. It's certainly more fun to sit through each others misery just because it's more fun that way.

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I had no idea they cut back on the show.  That's how much I listen now, even driving home from games.  


Call-in shows are dead. Most radio shows take very few calls.  It's better that way. What people say on the internet is bad enough.  


Good observation ScottT, I agree with you.

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