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The Hateful Eight


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December 25, 2015 release.  What can possibly compete against it?


Seems to be a favorite for Tarantino to release on Christmas back since I believe Jackie Brown.



David O. Russell's new film Joy comes out that day.



And also The Revenant which I might be looking forward to more than Hateful Eight comes out the same day as well. It's a fairly packed Christmas.

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I wouldn't be surprised if The Revenant gets pushed back though. As of last week or so, they still haven't finished filming the end of the movie. I don't know much about time lines, but this seems to be cutting it close?

Yeah, that might be cutting it a little close.



I fairly recently saw The Martian, and that wasn't completely done yet with only 3 months out, but at least it was done filming it seems, just stuff in post that needs to be done.

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IMO, Tarantino played it close to the vest with this trailer. He didn't reveal much with it, but he doesn't have too. People will go see his films no matter what. He'll create controversy as the release nears and it'll boost this. I look forward to this film. It is my 2nd most must see film to round out this year. Next month's Sicario has my full attention right now.

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I know. I am in the minority. I just don't like the anime parts and the overt rip-off of kung fu flicks. I know QT is famous for "borrowing" from the filmmakers he regards as heroes, but in Kill Bill is doesn't seem like an homage (like it does in all his other movies). It seems like a blatant imitation. Just my opinion.

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Visually, sure. 


Dialogue, gender roles, music choices, and just about everything else outside of the visual, nope.  


It's all a matter of personal taste, though.  I know lots of people who didn't like either of the Kill Bills. It's just one of those kinds of films.  Personally, I've only watched Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown once, and I doubt I ever will again. So I'm a big outsider with that. 


I liked Kill Bill a lot more when I saw in in the theater. It isn't as enjoyable upon multiple viewings, in my opinion. Like you said, personal taste. Jackie Brown seems to be one that is better after watching it again. Maybe because it is better suited for the small screen.

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i've onely liked inglorious basterds so far of any of his films i've seen. i don't like that he seems to make a point of being excessively violent in most everything he makes.

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