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  1. Just finished up watching the Cursed Films series on Shudder and it's great. It's free for 30 days right now with code: SHUTIN. The overall tone of the show is basically calling bullshit on the idea of a "curse" and it's awesome. It's a short 5-episode series. The weakest episode is the first on The Exorcist. The 2nd episode on The Omen is solid, but the final three on Poltergeist, The Crow, and Twilight Zone: The Movie are all great and tough subject matter tackled very respectfully and gut-punching at times. In The Crow episode, there's a pretty good demon
  2. The batch of movies is underwhelming at least. I remember enjoying Midnight Special though
  3. For any horror fans out there, Shudder streaming service is having a 30 day free trial using code: SHUTIN right now, they normally only do a 7 day trial. You could probably watch a good chunk of their stuff in 30 days. I would recommend checking out there Cursed Films series that just launched today. First episode on The Exorcist launched today and thought it was good, just 30 minutes long. There’s four more episodes on The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow, and Twilight Zone: The Movie coming in the next two weeks. The director of the series is Jay Cheel, is the host of a po
  4. More TCM watching recommendations. Apparently they’re having a Akira Kurosawa/Toshiro Mifune marathon today. Recommend pretty much all of it but definitely Yojimb, High and Low, Seven Samurai and Rashomon. Though Drunken Angel and Stray Dog for early morning watching are good too though those start like right now so that might be too late.
  5. I’m more of a classic Looney Tunes guy. Actually, I grew up with the 90s Simpsons, so I’ve been rewatching those a bit as cartoons go.
  6. I have three kids in elementary school that I’m helping with all their schoolwork with and then just watching a ton of movies on the rest of the downtime so I don’t normally watch regular TV and have no baseball to watch.
  7. Actually, yeah I think you’re right. I’m remembering the police one now and it does show up in the quotes in a google search. The “people” one was him and the Wanda character back at the bar.
  8. I still have never seen The Sand Pebbles or Cincinnati Kid myself. As TCM goes, they cancelled their film festival, and instead are doing an "Home Edition" film festival between April 16th and 19th. The lineup is pretty solid: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/special-home-edition/ Some stuff I'd recommend though a lot are obvious: 4/16 - Metropolis (1927) - if you're into classic silent sci-fi 4/17 - The Seventh Seal (1957) - the classic Bergman. RIP Max Von Sydow 4/17 - A Hard Day's Night (1964) - for Beatles fans 4/17 - North by Northwest (1959) - class
  9. Have been watching a ton of movies throughout the month, having not had to work for a few weeks. A few of the highlights: The Man Who Whould Be King (1975) - great late era John Huston adventure movie starring Michael Caine and Sean Connery. Lenny (1974) - great 70s Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce. Mommy (2014) - Depressing, but great recent French canadian drama Speed Racer (2008)- - I remember this being incredibly divisive when it came out, almost most negative, but I thought it was a great sports narrative in a unique packaging. Red Rock West (1993)
  10. Co-signing on Lust for Life and even moreso Paths of Glory. Ace in the Hole is essential and might be my overall favorite of his movies. Other of noir movies are definitely worth checking out: Out of the Past, I Walk Alone, The Bad and the Beautiful, and Detective Story. Great career and long life.
  11. Wasn't De Niro of Irish descent in Goodfellas too? Didnt seem like a big deal to me in either movie
  12. I am a fan of Bale in general so I don’t think I’d hate it but just a movie I think at most I would just think was decent . I guess most I’ve heard about it was that it was better than expected with a great Bale performance. I still plan to check it out at some time just not sure when. Maybe some time before the Oscars as that and 1917 are the main two movies of note that I haven’t seen yet
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