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"I Side With" Presidential Candidate Poll

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Worth checking out.


According to this, I'm...


97% with Bernie Sanders

86% with Hillary Clinton

72% with Martin O'Malley

43% with Mike Huckabee

39% with Rand Paul

36% with Chris Christie

24% with Jeb Bush

23% with Lindsey Graham

20% with Ben Carson

17% with Rick Perry

15% with Scott Walker

13% with Marco Rubio

12% with Ted Cruz

10% with Carly Fiorina

7% with Rick Santorum


I was surprised Huckabee was that high, but it says I share no major issues. I do share foreign policy issues with Rand Paul. Rick Santorum is lowest at 7% - not surprising.


Alright folks, let it all hang out - post your results.

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I took it, but since Gary Johnson isn't even an option, I'm boycotting my own results!!!!!

AO self ban on presidential polls for 8 years.

Sounds like a libertarian got a socialist.

I think this is secretly sponsored by Sanders. Seems like everyone gets him.

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Sanders 89%

Clinton 84%

Christie 62%

O'Malley 60%

Walker 53%

Cruz 51%

Carson 36%

Paul 31%

Fiorina 25%


I didn't get as many candidates listed as some of you. For instance, Santorum, Bush, Huckabee and Perry weren't on my list. What I posted is all of it.

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Candidates you side with...
79% Bernie Sanders 
on domestic policy, foreign policy, social, and healthcare issues.
74% Hillary Clinton 
on foreign policy, social, and education issues.
70% Rand Paul 
on economic, social, healthcare, immigration, and environmental issues.
59% Marco Rubio 
on economic and immigration issues.
57% Scott Walker 
on economic, social, healthcare, and environmental issues.
56% Ben Carson 
on foreign policy and immigration issues.
54% Jeb Bush 
on social issues.
46% Martin O'Malley 
on social issues.
43% Rick Santorum 
on immigration and environmental issues.
43% Ted Cruz 
on immigration issues.
41% Rick Perry 
on healthcare issues.
39% Lindsey Graham 
on immigration issues.
39% Mike Huckabee 
no major issues.
34% Chris Christie 
on environmental issues.
23% Carly Fiorina 
no major issues.


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I think what puts me where I was, was the fact that I am pro gun control, cutting military spending and I think the whole ISIS thing is stupid.


My splits are odd too, because I favor gun control, military reduction and the Affordable Care Act, but I stand on the Republican side on issues like immigration (not giving illegals access to government programs, doing away with "anchor babies", etc.) and I am pro-life.

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Yeah, I am against ACA (politically, not personally thanks to my job) and very much with republicans on immigration.  Pro-choice, anti government spying, pro education etc.  All over the map.


It is weird it put me so high with Sanders though because I am against pretty much every government subsidy there is.  Including farm,healthcare, minimum wage, etc.

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