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Braves send Heyward to Cardinals for Miller


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Heyward has underachieved big time and is arb eligible. They need offense but he's not really a difference maker at all. 

Wouldn't agree with that....the Braves offense was Freeman, Heyward and Justin Upton (when on a hot streak) and very little else....they now have a huge hole to fill......probably means Evan Gaddis to the OF.....

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Atlanta got worked, and I'm not even a big fan of Heyward. I mean, he's still young enough that there is room for growth, and at the very least he's shown to be a solid bat who provides excellent defense in RF. Shelby Miller regressed significantly this past season, most notably was the drastic drop in his K-rate which is an alarming red flag.


Good deal for St. Louis.

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Atlanta was in a tough spot with Heyward. He's getting more expensive but his production is not what you expected at this stage. He's moving closer to free agency and would probably get overpaid by someone. 


It isn't like they can go out and get a huge bat to take them to the next level. Probably in rebuild mode. Start with young pitching. 

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I like this for the Braves.  


Heyward is a free agent after the season and Miller has 4 yrs of club control.  


Miller is 24.  his k rate dropped a bit because he's still learning.  His control was a bit off.  Weaver did the same thing in his second full season as do a bunch of guys.  Then they adapt.  Even if he does't, the Braves got a #3 for the next four seasons.  


Heyward gets half his WAR from defense and by all accounts he's a tremendous defender, but his bat is supposed to be getting better and he's had 5 full seasons and the last three the bat has dropped off a bit in each.  Even if the bat comes around a bit, the cards get a little bit of upside for 1 yr.  


Club control is king right now.  Would you trade Kendrick for Miller?  I would.  Would you trade Kendrick for 1yr of Heyward?  I wouldn't.  

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some buzz about upton going the the m's now, too


I would love it. He took us off his no-trade clause. Must mean he is open to coming here now after seeing last season / Cano signing.


That and he probably wouldn't cost Walker now since it's only one year of him ... trade Michael Saunders and a B tier pitching prospect like Tyler Pike or something. Hopefully we'd extend him also.


Trade for Upton, Sign Brandon McCarthy or bring back Chris Young, Sign Cruz to primarily DH .... I'd be fine with that offseason.

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