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weird AM PM experience this morning

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I went inside to get an iced coffee today. I filled the cup with ice and went to fill it with vanilla latte. Nothing came out and the Indian guy working there told me the cold coffee is not working and they only had brewed coffee at the moment.

I only like cold coffee so I threw the cup away and grabbed 2 red bulls for $4.

I went up to the register with my 2 red bulls. The price came out to 6 dollars and some change. I explained that the Red Bull was only 2 for $4. He said yes but I threw away a cup and I had to pay for it. I told him he needs to put up a sign saying cold coffee machine is out of service.

I told him I was not going to pay for it. He told me he would report me to police then. I just left without buying anything. Pretty strange situation.

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Racist comments might get those kind of reactions. Just maybe.

"Racist" is probably the most overused (and wrongfully at that) term on this board. It seems as though some people on here just look for anything they can to call "racist." It is a little overdone.

Believe it or not, I am aware that India is not actually a part of what we commonly refer to as the "Middle East."

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Come on dude, when you say "People from (insert geographical area) are (insert negative remark) it is pretty much the definition of a racist comment. Is that term overused? Absolutely, just not here.

My initial, apparently inflammatory post, was mostly in jest, particulalry the part about Indians being middle easterners.

But I was being serious about middle eastern taxi drivers being cheap wadded dicks. I have had several very bad encounters with middle eastern taxi drivers that cause me to hold them (that is, taxi drivers; not all middle easterners) in rather low regard.

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