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Top Three Bill Murray Movies

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With the Re-release of Ghostbusters coming to theaters, Mason and Ireland were talking about The best Bill Murray Movies.


They both agreed that Cadyshack was on the list. Then they also listed Meatballs, Stripes, Lost in Translation, and Kingpin.


So with that, what are your top three Bill Murray movies? 


I have several, but I guess I will start with...


1. Life Aquatic

2. Groundhog Day

3. Ghostbusters



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It's ridiculously hard to limit to 3, but mine are almost the same as yours:


1. Groundhog Day

2. Life Aquatic

3. Scrooged



Very hard to leave off Ghostbusters. Will also toss up What About Bob?, Rushmore, Broken Flowers, on top of the ones you mentioned.

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Groundhog Day



Only reason I'm not putting Caddyshack in there is because it was such a small role.  I'll say something similar about Kingpin. 


Crap, he is good in almost everything he does.


I think Bill Murray's performance in Kingpin is only outdone by Chevy Chase's in Fletch

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Lost in Translation

What About Bob


I like him just a tad more in WAB than in Groundhog Day. His roles were always kind of the same, so I was blown away with his performance in LIT. Even seeing him in the golf Pro/Ams he is a goof ball, but really shows versatility in LIT. I actually like the movie a lot more than it being mediocre because of his role in it.

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When you are talking about the three best films an actor contributed to you have to be honest and admit which film you have watched more times than any other and would still watch again.

People are being posers listing Lost in Translation simply because it was a plodding, boring film that you are often tempted to scan forward to anything going on other than Murray looking terminally bored. It is a hip film to put on your library shelf to prove you have refined tastes, like adding War and Peace to your library bookshelf, but honestly you may only read it once to say you have.

That said,


Everything else comes in fourth in the three film race.

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The hipsters suck hipster.


Maybe people list Lost In Translation because the movie is mediocre and he makes it watch worthy because of his chops and people are listing his performances instead of which movies you think are good enough for people to watch.

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Mediocre films with Robert De Niro are still mediocre and not The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull or Taxi Driver.

How many times you watch a film for an actors performance is what you think is his best work. Enduring a dull film just because the guy stepped out of his usual role doesn't mean it makes it a film worth watching over and over. Case in point De Niro in low budget comedies.

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