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  1. Best I could (didn't exactly take long) is something about an agreement to exchange poultry for the right to sodomize a goat.
  2. It's New Mexico. Your kickbacks weren't high enough.
  3. Dion's? And yes, they are the best chain in the state.
  4. For all the salacious rumors to have come out of the stadium over the years there has to be some beds somewhere in that stadium!
  5. Wouldn't the value of the team and thus what Arte receives from the sale be directly correlated with the stadium situation? This would be robbing from Peter to pay Paul.
  6. The report came out iirc about a decade ago. Existing teams such as the Rangers were grandfathered.
  7. Can't happen based on MLB rules regarding state monikers with multiple teams in the state.
  8. 900M - 325M sounds about right for a new open air stadium.
  9. It's all fun and games until John Connor comes to the plate.
  10. Sounds like a boom or bust type like Suzuki.
  11. I wonder if the Kings would have chosen anyone besides Dach/Byram/Turcotte?
  12. You think Zegras before Dach?
  13. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/290043/alex-turcotte https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/344751/tobias-bjornfot
  14. Surprisingly "boring" competent draft by the Kings in the first round.
  15. Guess they figured Minnesota wanted Soderstrom?
  16. Detroit with the reach. But it's hard to doubt Yzerman.
  17. Blake with the safe choice Turcotte
  18. Dach off the board to Chitown
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