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Angels Fans: Do you walk Votto with first base open?

Do you walk Votto with first base open?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Scott Downs vs. Joey Votto with first base open - Do you walk him?

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Leading poll phrasing.  Adding "Downs is awesome" after he blew a game ensures it will get no votes.


I'm not saying Downs is awesome, and I would have stuck with Richards and walked Votto. 

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Can't believe Dusty did that two games in a row.


It pretty much cost them the first game, I guess Scioscia wanted to return the favor.


Ya, bunting ahead of Votto is dumb.


I was pretty surprised that they actually pitched to Votto there.

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It doesn't even matter that Votto is the batter. You walk whoever is batting in that situation 9 times out of 10*.


The fact that its Votto just makes it even more LOL worthy. 


You need to get 2 outs before the runner on second scores, and you can pick your battles before then (2 out of 3). In what world is facing Joey Votto with a lefty the best option? 





* The one situation where it is the right move is when the pitcher is batting, and 'Joey Votto' is on deck. You take your chances with the pitcher (pinch hitter) to afford you the ability to walk 'Joey Votto' in the second at bat.

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Hind sight.  I feel like yes you do but do we know if there was a RHP up in the pen?  Probably not.


Lefty-righty matchup w/ potential GIDP and forceout available at 3rd 

Lefty-lefty matchup w runner at 2nd, 1B empty


When said lefty-lefty is Downsy and Votto-y, it looks particularly stupid, regardless of the manner in which the ball might or might not be coming out of Downsy's hand.

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It was a pretty sh!tty situation after Downs-y dotted Choo, and (some dude) bunted him over. Walk Votto, then leave Downs in to pitch to Phillips, who hit a bomb earlier, to try and get a DP? That seemed unlikely, given Downs' cutty-thumby stuff now. Maybe the Skip was thinking Votto pop-up-ground ball out, then get a righty to face Phillips? Was there even a guy warming up? I don't know, I think we were screwed either way there.

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