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  1. I have a really good feeling about Detmers, I'm so glad they got a pitcher finally, this pitching dry spell really sucks.
  2. An interesting quandary about being a hitter and a pitcher, is I imagine the type of muscles you work out are pretty different. What's good for one may not be good for another.
  3. Freedom for capital owners to decide who gets to eke out a living and who doesn't, and freedom for laborers to be at the mercy of owners. Hey, I guess if society doesn't like you, that's just the free market at work baby. Maybe try not to be gay next time, enjoy your freedom to live on the street and be harassed by cops.
  4. I think disbanding the police is a good long term goal for a society, whether we're ready to make it happen, we'll see. Regardless, I want to see massive reform, of which there are many good ideas. We need to change the perception that police are as needed as we've been propagandized into believing. They have too much power, and that needs to be abolished. They have been thugs for the owner class and state oppressors for a long fucking time.
  5. Thank you. I like helping people learn if they're open to it. I'm by no means an expert on this stuff really though, I've just met many different people on the spectrum.
  6. Hey all, just wanted to say thanks for asking good questions. This turned out to be kinda therapeutic for me, hopefully it was helpful for you too.