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  1. I only really have enough energy to give you an overview. I guess you could say I'm somewhere between social democrat and democratic socialist. I'm not too far off from Bernie's platform, maybe more left on some things and more neutral on others. I'm fairly pro 2nd amendment and I don't like that so many leftists are willing to die on that hill, it's a waste of time, guns are here to stay and I don't like the idea of the state having a monopoly on guns, they already have enough power over us. I do have different policy positions for the present than I do for the distant future, because some th
  2. You're not going to shame me into changing my position. I wouldn't be much of an advocate if I didn't live by what I was advocating. I still vote progressive in primaries and down ballot elections/measures.
  3. Protest voting accomplishes nothing. I did that for a long time and I'm done wasting my time trying to make myself feel like some noble purist or whatever. I want to make things better, even if it's a choice between awful and horrific. My political hopes for this country have more a chance through Biden than through Trump, and there are no other options at this point. How you change things in this country is within the two major parties, that's how it works, and the right wing has executed this strategy very well and I want that for the left, and it's already happening to a degree.
  4. Apparently I have to spell it out for some people.
  5. Yup, not exactly a flag waver here. Trump is an existential threat to democracy, him losing is massively fucking important for the future of this country. He is trying to dismantle the post office during a pandemic in order to suppress voter turnout for fuck's sake. I hate the DNC, I hate Biden and Harris, but it's nothing compared to the damage Trump has done and will do. So yeah, it's patriotic, I'm going to donate and advocate for Biden, and I'll feel dirty as hell doing it, but I have no choice.
  6. It's not about loyalty, it's not about team politics, it's purely self defense to vote against Trump, and not just for me as an individual, but for the survival of this country. Voting against Trump will be the most patriotic thing I'll ever do in my life. It has absolutely nothing to do with the democratic party, ZERO. Trump will do nothing to advance left politics, not directly, not indirectly, not in any way. He is the absolute antithesis of my political, social, and ethical beliefs.
  7. For me, getting rid of Trump is triage for this country, I have no delusions that we'll be making great long term strides with Biden, but at least with Biden, it's possible to make some progress from where we are now. The time to be pissed about Biden's status quo BS is over, I did that back in the primaries and it's in the past now. Things are really really bad right now. There's a massive amount of people on the verge of eviction, they're trying to force kids to go to school when we don't have the means and infrastructure to keep them safe, non-essential businesses are re-opening when we're
  8. Yeah, it was disappointing, but progress was made and I'm a progressive so
  9. It's not about loyalty, it's about harm reduction. It's that simple. I used to think like you do, I cared more about my pride and not wanting to feel "dirty" by voting for someone I don't like. I'm a pragmatist though, and me feeling less "dirty" is extremely insignificant compared to the importance of the world being a better place than the alternative. I wanted Bernie to win as much as the next person, but it's over now and we have to move on and accept reality as it is.
  10. Correct. People might have less compassion for him personally in that hypothetical case, which I would understand, but that's a different matter.
  11. It's police brutality, that's the only issue that's ever been relevant here. I couldn't give a fuck less about judging his character and I'll never engage in that red herring conversation.
  12. I freely admit I'm gay, when are you going to?
  13. It's irrelevant to the issue of police brutality.
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