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Angels are not on Hamels No-Trade list

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This guy is money and I know I'm not the only one worried that Tyler or Garret may break down later in the second half...they haven't pitched those so called critical "200 innings"...health is another concern..and the way Wilson has pitched lately...I rather have Hamels than Price

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@jonmorosi: Cole Hamels can be traded to LAD, LAA, STL, WAS, ATL, NYY, BOS, TEX, SD without his permission, sources tell @Ken_Rosenthal and me.

@jonmorosi: Hamels' no-trade clause allows him to block deals to 20 teams. The aforementioned 9 are not on that list and are free to acquire him.

@jonmorosi: Hamels is from Southern California, so not a surprise that he would allow Dodgers, Angels, Padres to acquire him.

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Before we go all nuts on trade porn this year can we please address this fact:


We do not have a lot of value to trade.  So before we start thinking about a starting pitcher (despite still needing street).  Who do we have that could entice another franchise to give up their players.


Personally, I would not trade any of our every day personal for a starter.  A few weeks ago I felt we would be forced to  make a trade of Kendrick to fulfill our dire bullpen needs.  However, with the acquisition of Grilli and Thatcher, it doesn't look like that is necessary.  In fact, if CAM pitches like he can and not like he did the first time up we may not need any help in that category.


I wouldn't mind acquiring Hammels if it just cost us money.  But I don't see that would be the only price tag on him.

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I would make a trade for Cole Hamels. He is young enough to still be our future and is also under contract for several years. Look at this team, we don't need to spend anymore money on offense, so why not spend it on pitching. Cron, Sappington, Lyndsay and insert other minor league arm here. I would rather not lose Cron and I have no idea where he would play on that team, but where I would draw the line is if they insisted on Calhoun being in the deal.

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Who would you trade for Hamels? I don't think we have the pieces to do it. I agree money by itself wouldn't do it. So unless the phillies would take one of our 2nd basemen and players like Navarro and or Green. (Which I doubt they would) Than I think it's a pipe dream.

no one is going to acquire hamels for just money. that is a pipe dream and not realistic. you're gonna have to give up something to get him. We have a surplus of young position players that can hit. Amaro loves hitters and RBIs. Let's get it done

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According to Ruben Anaro age does not impact performance. Seriously. He said that in a radio interview recently.

As such Ruben most likely believes Chase Utley will be there starting 2B for the next 50 years.

He was talking about bingo.  Age doesn't impact performance for bingo. 


Even though Hamels isn't a rental, he's 30 and not cheap. 


So many things working against this team making a trade of prospects for an established starter. 

- we don't have a lot of prospects and teams are gonna want pitching of which we have very little

- JD doesn't have the knack for turning lesser known players into major league help

- Not sure how much payroll flex we really have and there are other teams that have more

- We are not leading the division and are likely playing for a one game coin flip. 

- Every team wants some sort of pitching so we are deluding ourselves if we think we are going to get a favorable deal at the deadline. 

- Anyone we get is unlikely to be cost controlled or all that young by baseball standards. 

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Quite honestly I would not make any major deals this summer unless we get tremendous value or if we overtake the As for first.

It is simply not worth trading significant future value for a pece to enter the coin flip game.

I agree with your take ... especially now since the A's traded for pitching.

Angels pitching isn't strong enough to make it through the playoffs but it's baseball and anything can happen.

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