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Predictions for Oakland series

Angels vs. A's 3 game series  

41 members have voted

  1. 1. Angels. vs a's

    • Angels sweep
    • Angels take 2 out of 3
    • Angels lose 2 out of 3
    • Angels get swept

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this has the feeling of one of those defining series. yadda yadda every game is the same as every other games, which is totally true for teams made of unfeeling robots. still, this series will largely define how our kids (richards skaggs) hold up under pressure. they put up some good fights, and we can easily win 2/3, solidifying us as at least a contender. they crumple? we'll have to fight to not get swept. i'm going with taking 2/3, tying the standings just before (hopefully) hamilton comes back.


that being said...oakland is cooling off fast. lets sweep their sorry asses and show them who is the best in the west. go halos!

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@Alden_Gonzalez: Asked Scioscia about keeping this same top three, with Pujols batting cleanup. No dice. "Long range, we'd still like to keep Mike [second]."

LoL of course. Why stick with something that worked. Probably see Kendrick back at lead off tonight and Ibanez and Freese 4-5. And for that reason I'm saying we either get swept or take 1.

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I am hoping for the best.  I am not yet a believer that the Angels are a serious contender until they can beat divisional rivals.


Scioscia will dismiss it as "just another series."  If the A's continue their beat-downs, he will be right that it is "just another series-like the ones before."


I hope the Angels at least show some emotion.......

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At least two of the games will give me explosive diarrhea and the other I will turn off mid-game in disgust.

Well done SOTO!!


I needed a good laugh and you caught me off guard. Thankfully, I wasn't drinking anything while I was reading it.

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