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  1. if they cancel the season this year would service time still count? it kind of sucks for teams and players who signed for 1 year deals
  2. thank you for your service and for this awesome information going to share it with everyone i know
  3. i agree, love the show, hate her character. she is supposed to be an FBI agent but man is she stupid
  4. i am lucky enough to work for city government so if i have to stay home from work, i will still get paid. i feel for the people who could lose their jobs. this is why we have to support local and small businesses
  5. i'm not registered and really don't care since my vote in California doesn't matter anyway, but i work for city government so i have to pretend that i voted and get all of the residents interested in voting too
  6. Try magnesium or magnesium oil spray with lavender essential oil
  7. Try magnesium or magnesium oil spray with lavender essential oil
  8. Also look at groupon for activities. We saved a ton of money
  9. Ive booked packages through Hawaiian airlines website and got some pretty good deals
  10. My brother was at the game last night and he said the crowd was chanting we want Scioscia when they lost the lead.
  11. Really enjoyed this show. As long as doesn't go too far off course it has the potential to be really good.
  12. i would think it depends on what airline she is using to fly to Oahu i know that Hawaiian air has started flying from Long Beach, but someone told me that the planes are smaller and cramped and it took a little longer to get there
  13. i thought i had heard on the radio that they postponed it because of the hurricane in the carolinas, but i could be wrong
  14. working, but have tomorrow and friday off so its worth it
  15. I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but yes there are females here
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