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Trade value for Mike Trout

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It should be understood that I'm in no way advocating that the Angels should trade him.


Trout's trade value may be at it's highest this off season. Coming off back 2 back seasons with a 10+ WAR value. Personally, I don't care for the stat but it has it's uses. He has one free year and 3 arb years left before he becomes a free agent. I'm fairly sure the Angels will try to sign him to a 5+ year deal ... but what if he declines?


If you were going to trade him ... I think a NL team would be best. Such as the Nationals/Phillies/Mets. In reality what could Trout bring to the Angels in a trade?



btw this is just for fun



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He's one of those players that probably couldn't be traded even if we tried, simply because any team interested would have to give up such an astronomical haul of blue-chip, cost controlled players and prospects that it wouldn't even be worth seriously considering.  It's hard to make that kind of investment in one individual player, no matter how good they are.  Especially with how valued young pitching prospects are now and that being the likely focal point of any trade involving Trout (getting back lots of elite pitching).


Any deal would probably have to involve multiple teams and players, or some kind of sign and trade deal.

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In all seriousness, I am not sure what it would take to get me to listen to offers for Trout, but if I was offered those four pitchers I would trade him.  I am guessing Taveras is their stud outfield prospect? 

Yes. He will be a .300 hitter with 20-plus HR power.

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I would think you would use what Texas got for Teixeria as a baseline.  + a few more prospects.  


I really don't think anyone can afford to trade for him right now.  The price will become more affordable in 2 years, when he has 2 years left before free agency.  Price, as in David, if he gets traded this offseason, would be a good measuring stick.  

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Lets just say if they traded him now they would go from one of the worst farm systems in baseball to one of the best. But they would also lose their best and most exciting player.


I get your point tdawg but there is no farm system in baseball that has enough quality talent to provide even an equal return for Trout's value right now. His on-field performance combined with the fact that he is a 10+ WAR player, which is very rare, makes him so incredibly valuable that it would require Major League talent to be included not just farm hands.


Literally it would take David Price, Wil Myers, and Matt Moore to get the conversation to a serious state at this point in time. If Trout doesn't want to sign an extension then we trade him in his walk year and get back 2-3 top prospects plus ? from a National League farm system preferably.

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What a ridiculous scenario.  We aren't the Yankees or Red Sox.  We have never, ever had a once in a generation player like Mike Trout come up through our system.  This isn't football where high draft picks are 90% locks.  


No way a trade for prospects, no matter how many could ever equal what Mike Trout is worth as a player.  Not to mention what it would be saying to the fans.  Right now we have the opportunity to watch the best player in the game playing, for our team. 


Enjoy it.

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