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Update: Trout just healing slowly, Rendon won't be ready this week

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2 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

Giving up on Trout and Rendon returning in 2021, this has gotten ridiculous.   

If we still have a shot in mid-August and they're actually healthy, it'll be nice to have them back and see if we can go on a run. But yeah, if it's early September before they're healthy enough to play and we're 8 games out of the 2nd wild card, why bother.

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I hope the value gained on the field from Trout's performance is near MVP level in the next few years. He certainly has not been earning contract value so far.

Obviously injuries are a risk for every player. Minimum to maximum salary. And Trout has had a lot of minor issues before. But it seems this injury started out diagnosed as minor and has morphed into the equivalent of a semi major injury just in terms of lost time.

It's really bad luck and depressing that Ohtani is having one of the most significant seasons in history and the two highest players have been unavailable for big chunks of it. Neither Rendon or Trout had catastrophic injuries, but for this season alone they really have hurt the team. 

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4 minutes ago, AngelStew43 said:

Cobb should be traded before the deadline, thus opening a roster spot for Barria, or whoever. Maybe we could bring Ward back, since he didn't deserve to be sent out anyway.

Rotation as of now Ohtani, Cobb, Sandoval, Suarez, Heaney, Barria. That's 6 SP why do need to open a spot for Cobb. Trade Griffin Canning

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I saw a video one time of Trout's brutal workout regimen and could hardly believe it. I wonder if his body is so stressed that he literally can't recover from injuries like this latest one.

He doesn't need to punish his muscles like he does in these gym sessions. Not even remotely.

I fear we'll see a rapid decline very soon. Not to mention will he ever be available for anything close to a full season again?

We may have already seen his peak.

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14 minutes ago, Ace-Of-Diamonds said:

What if we sweep the D-Backs and win the series against the A's would it still be stupid...

The Angels don't play the D-Backs again, so I'm not sure what you mean.  The Angels have 3 games against the Rockies and 1 against Oakland before the trade deadline passes.  Even if they win all 4 of those, I personally still think they should sell--and certainly shouldn't bring in any rentals.

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47 minutes ago, Angels 1961 said:

I still think could be vaccine related. He was jogging from second to third. Healthy young man in great shape does not make sense.

It happens. I have had a couple of calf injuries caused by jogging. I had to stop running to allow my calf injuries time to heal. They take much longer than you think they should to heal. I am not surprised at all.


It could also be a side effect to the newly developed Muscle Strain Vaccine. Obviously the Angels are involved in using their players in clinical trials but are not publicly admitting it.

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