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  1. Rendon is a very good player but he is overvalued based on his contract. And I could be wrong but I don't think he is going to age well in this league. He benefited from the timing of his career year and an owner who wanted to make something happen after losing out on the hometown pitcher he coveted. He's only hit 30 HR's once in his 9 years in the league. I just don't think he is worthy of being the 2nd highest paid player and the highest paid infielder in MLB. I mean, good for him, but I think his contract will be looked back at as another huge mistake for our franchise.
  2. Victim? No. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/rankings/2022/salary/
  3. I agree. No fucking way should Rendon be paid this much. He's the new Pujols. Except Pujols showed up...
  4. And next time he is on the field he will be the second highest paid player in baseball - behind Mike Trout. (Source: Spotrac) He is not that. Hell, he's not even the 2nd best third basemen. Overpaid because of Arte's ego. Good for him. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/rankings/2022/salary/
  5. I just never thought he was a $250 M player and two years in he's proving not to be. I still think signing Rendon was an over-reaction to Arte being denied by Cole and the Yankees.
  6. Nope. As you have said. They should have sold Raisel. They didn't. Instead they sold Heaney and got better. They sold Watson and got better. They traded two guys who made no difference for a return that made them better immediately but did not trade players who would have signaled they were giving up on the season even if it made sense because of
  7. Doesn't have anything to do with this. If they were wrong and he's not with it then they were wrong and he's not worth it. Rendon was not worth $250 M in my opinion. His value was inflated by a career year and a WS win.
  8. Sure it would. Arte is not adverse to paying money. Obviously. He's adverse to waving the white flag. Trading Heaney made the team better this year. Easy sell for Minasian to his boss. Trading Raisel made the team worse this year. Not a thing Arte would be open to.
  9. True. Only has one year of 30+ HR's. He's the only guy ever to get $250 M when only having one year with 30 HR's. That says a lot.
  10. My opinion is Arte didn't want them to trade Raisel but he would be open to paying for him to come back. Because a trade would have signaled the Angels were giving up and Arte's intellectual and emotional makeup is not conducive to doing this. I think we can both agree the Angels could have got a few really nice prospects for Raisel. Raisel makes $9.1 this year. What would it take to resign him? $14 M per year? 3/42? Comps are Will Smith at $13 M, Hendriks at $11 M. Kimbrel at $16 M. Don't know. That's a lot for closer. Would like him to resign.
  11. I think this is a really interesting dialogue. Heaney was getting in the way of the kids - Detmers, Barria, Suarez, Sandoval and Rodriguez - and was expendable based on both performance and contract. The team got better by trading the "7 year" pitcher. So regardless of being sellers or buyers trading Heaney made sense. I think this would be your opinion/narrative also? Trading the Iglesias Brothers and Cobb would not have made the team better this year. They could have been traded, maybe not Cobb because of the injury, but it would have signaled giving up on the season as was reported in the media. Keeping them was a decision made by the FO or by ownership. We don't know. Why do you think the Iglesias Brothers were not traded? Was it a Minasian call? Was it an Arte edict? What is your narrative/opinion?
  12. Really? You are ridiculous. You continue to use "narrative" as if it is a bad thing. Don't you understand a narrative is an opinion? To you, a "narrative" is an opinion you don't agree with or understand. And my opinion is fact based if you choose to look at Rendon's numbers. He's not a Hall of Famer. He is a really good player who cashed in following a career year. Happens all the time. So again, my opinion (feel free to insert "narrative") is Arte signed Rendon to a long term contract after a career year and I think the contract will be universally regarded as a mistake - similar to the Pujols and Hamilton contracts but obviously not as bad. I hope I am wrong because I want this team to thrive. However, I believe Arte has and still is hurting this process with his inability to allow the FO to do what they need to do. You can wave the flag for Arte if you want. It's your opinion/narrative but agree to disagree.
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