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  1. Let’s hope he can stay healthy this year. He’s 32, he only started one game last year and has 1500 IP. Could be another 1 year bust.
  2. Pay the man and move on. If he doesn’t perform to the level the Angels believe he can then it’s on them and they can address it or move on next year. This is how arbitration works. It is quite literally a year to year process. It’s ridiculous to say the Angels will lose millions in the future if they pay him the additional 800 K this year. How many millions do they make this year if he performs like they believe he will?
  3. It’s too early to know who will perform better and whether or not either one of them will be impact players. Marsh has not played in AAA. He’ll likely start the season in SLC. Adell should have played AAA last year. CoVid rushed him to the MLB after only 27 AAA games in 2019. He failed miserably in his 38 games with the Angels last year - .161/.212/.266/.478, he K’d in 42% of his PA’s and didn’t look like a MLB Outfielder defensively. I’d like to see him start the season in AAA. Adel and Marsh both need more time.
  4. Completely agree. There is a big, cool, wild world out there and some are stuck in these threads...
  5. is it? What is your interpretation of @notherhalo's original meaning for this thread?
  6. It doesn’t appear the Cubs are going to trade Contreras and even if they do I doubt the Angels would have serious interest in him.
  7. I agree. I think this is the key takeaway for the Angels from the Padres trade for Darvish and what the Angels still need to do with their starting pitching.
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