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  1. I feel the same way. Maybe Trout is taken for granted because he is so amazing but Ohtani is something no other MLB has had since Babe Ruth. Ohtani gives us options no other MLB team has!!
  2. Ohtani. He gives us those options... Right @Stradling? But Mayers has this!!!!
  3. That first pitch swing by Ohtani may be the key to turning this season around. Baseball is strange that way. Hold on in the 9th guys.
  4. Yeah, we both read that. Maybe it's true. If it is then good riddance.
  5. Yeah, I would like him on our team as I believe Andrew Friedman will use him - in the lineup vs. LH starters and PH off the bench vs. RH starters. I believe Albert Pujols has the same value over Max Muncy he has over Jared Walsh in those situations.
  6. You do realize it's possible Perry Minasian bumbled this whole thing. Handled differently he may have got him on board. But yeah, good riddance.
  7. Yeah, I don't understand why Maddon replaced Quintana with Slegers. Righty on righty for Chavis? Maybe, but there was one out, one on in a two run game with Lefty Devers up after Chavis. So Maddon brings Slegers in and he gives up a 1B and a HR to those guys. Makes no sense to me.
  8. Those aren't numbers. They are an opinion. I am certain Andrew Friedman used numbers prior to signing Pujols. My opinion is I will trust Andrew Friedman. It's frustrating for me because I have been an Angels fan for 50 years but the realist in me believes the Dodgers got it right and we did not. Have a nice day.
  9. Ok. I disagree and the numbers show you are wrong but I respect your opinion.
  10. Does Ohtani give the Angels more options or fewer options?
  11. What here is a troll comment. I have an opinion. It is based in fact. I am expressing my fact based opinion. So... Who would you rather start at 1B versus a LHP? Albert Pujols or Max Muncy? Albert Pujols of Jared Walsh?
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