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Enright and Roth down, Buckner and Brasier up

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Desperate time usually make for bad trades....I'm not sure we shouldn't ride this out and start the long, slow road back the right way---no more crazy FA signings or rental deals...that said, if a potential trade makes some sense, now or whenever, you do it....

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This has been worst possible scenario so far.


Your top pitcher makes two starts and then goes down with an injury


Your two 'superstars' have played near replacement level combined.  One of which has a nagging injury that will likely last the whole season


Your two bullpen acquisitions have a combined 8.2ip


Your #4 starter is out indefinitely exposing the massive lack of org depth on the pitching side


Your starting SS has played in 18 of the teams 40 games


Your starting CFer has played in 22 games and isn't coming back any time soon


Your #5 starter, who was supposed to provide some level of stability and eat innings has been one of if not the worst pitcher in the league. 


You are #2 in the league in error, #1 is GIDP, #1 in outs on the basepaths, and you are last in the league in most categories with RISP.  So on top of poor offensive and pitching performances, you aren't playing fundamental baseball. 


I'm sure that as soon as we get a middle of the rotation starter by trading away cheap young talent or what little minor league talent we have, then everything will come together. 

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Billy Buckner is going to make a start for the Angels.


Billy. Buckner.




I remember seeing Enright, Bucker and many others pitch back in Tempe this March. They'd usually be brought in while the Angels had a lead. The lead would the prompty evaporate. The story then was don't worry about the Angels' .300 spring winning percentage because none of those scrubs would be appearing in real games  :(

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Great, a player that can't even field a slow roller at 1B is now pitching for us.


I was thinking the same thing. I think we should get the real Bill Buckner to unretire, suit up, and make a couple of spot starts for us. He couldn't be any worse than what we've seen so far this season.

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