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Angels' August (18-10) = Do or Die Month for 2017

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Damn, cannot believe that we are in August already. Anyways, I feel like this month is going to make or break the Angels season. This team has been playing .500 baseball for the whole year but they will really need everyone to step up starting this month. A bad month of August, like in 2015, will end the Angels hopes of making the postseason, as a WC.     A decent month that results in about a .500 record will give them slim hopes of making the postseason but this team has not been able to put a long winning streak together so odds are not in their favors. However, a good August will no doubt keep them in the chase. Obviously, Trout is going to need to keep on playing like a star this month and in September but  guys like Pujols and Calhoun need to rediscover their productive forms. And the starting rotation in particular. Should get a boost if their best starters be able to pitch at some point. So far so good for Pujols in August, even if it is only one game. Pujols' best month of his career has been August, a month in which he has posted the highest batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage in his career.

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I think we actually have a fovorable scheduel  to make a run, its one of the reasons i hoped we would be more active at the deadline.  whether or not we have the roster for it is another matter entirely when we are seeing guys in the OF that almost none of us here had even heard of.   I know, injuries, but dayum.  

After the Phils we get the As, Os, Ms, Nats, Rangers, and Astros to round out Aug.  Sep is more of the same with the Chisox and Cle added.  
Thats a schedule that we should be able to make a run at if were going to make on as outside the Nats and Astros  (only 5 total games with them in Aug) thats pretty beatable as all the rest are either about the same record as we are or lower.  

Sep gives us 6 more with Hou and a series with cle only 3 games and more of the 500 club teams so its definitely a schedule that any legit playoff team should be able to do damage in standings wise.

That having been said i think we need to make a serious run and basically being in the WC or right on KCs rear by end of month to encourage the Front Office to make something happen.  We dont control our own destiny but they are games we could win to at least make it matter. 

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Are the Angels technically in this? Yes.


Are they really though? Come on...


Even if by a miracle this team makes the playoffs. They're most likely going to get stomped by Houston. Anything can happen in baseball but looking at this team right now. They're no where close to being a contender. Mike Trout gives us a puncher's chance though.

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We are 5 games back in the loss column to KC.  KC though has overachieved being in that spot with a negative run differential.    Heck Bal has a -66!    I gotta believe both will come back a little.  Even Sea and TB are barely over even money.

We sit at -18, which considering the offense weve had is actually a little surprising.   One or two more legit offensive pieces could get us there with a little luck and the return of some of the better arms. 

I was very negative seeing the front office do nothing at the deadline as i took it as them almost literally giving up and not bothering as though they would prefer to fall back for better draft picks.  Who knows what really went on but man to do so little either way seemed pointless.  I'm trying to stay positive right now, seeing Albert right the ship a little is huge even if it is only a few days but he isnt as bad as hes been regardless.  

Maybin back, Calhoun back, finally some production out of 2B... its not a WS team by any means, but it could make the wildcard with a minimum of luck

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we're gonna likely need about 86-88 wins for that second wild card slot.  After 107 games, we're 52-55.  So in our remaining 55 games, we have to go 35-20.  A .636 win %.  It could end up where we would need a couple less than that, but we're gonna have to play at least .600 ball.  That is going to require a lot of 6 inning 1 run starts from Nolasco and a bunch of 5 rbi nights from Albert.  

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