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  1. I never thought this was a good PR move by the Angels. I expressed as much with my AgelsWin friends. We could only guess what wnt on behind the scenes, but htey needed to find a better way to handle this because of the optics of something like what the Dodgers were going to do to milk it.
  2. About my user name....moved here in 79. Reggie and Tommy John followed. Adopted the team. I always have had the spirit of NY. I always have contented that are our money is as green as anyone in New York and we should demand more from the Angel Organization. This is a team that needs to build a winning tradition. It has been so close in the past of doing so.
  3. Not to sound like Trevor Bauer, but I'm tired of this team losing. also... I Hate to sound like Captain obvious because I'm sure its been said, but I have to vent, this team has known it's main weakness is bad pitching and yet year after year it's always the band aid approach. When they did sign a big name pitcher it was CJ Wilson and well, we all know How that went Pathetic.
  4. Seems like there is something more to this. He got pissy about something more than just not being able to play everyday. I think what was said about his remarks about Joe Maddons managerial abilities was part of the bigger picture. IMHO
  5. The game is going so bad, that its making the announcers shovel real hard. The stories are great but I wish the team was performing well enough form them to be excited about the team.
  6. How he doesn't scrape his arm on the ground is amazing. Yeah I broke 100 messages !!!!
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