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Student speaks his mind

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He mentions in the video that the teacher told them that her job is just a paycheck... She probably became a teacher for the vacations.

She's got to be stoked that this video is all over the Internet now with her complex responses such as "bye, um ok, leave now, bye, bye, ok, um, huh, bye."

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Even though the teacher sounds pretty complacent about the whole incident, should she be engaging the student in confrontation? Of course not. Maybe the District mandates these packets be taught for nationwide testing. Who knows? Just because some one videotaped it doesn't mean this guy knows what he's talking about.  

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Good for him. There way too many lazy teachers that just create packets and go through the motions. Yet when voting comes into play they are all over Facebook telling you how important they are and how/why they news money. Although we see by statistical analysis of scores and where we are in terms of education and how far behind we are that it isn't the case.

Hopefully this inspires a few teachers.

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Predetermined work loads/schedules. For instance, usually classes start every year with a syllabus of the entire years schedule. Now imagine every subject on the syllabus having predetermined subject matter, questions, and work loads.

It doesn't account for student learning variance, thus is just a standard work load for all the kids while not tailored to specific needs or learning abilities. Like throwing every student on some mundane and tedious assembly line inserting nothing but cup holders regardless of aptitude.

It's just a shitty cop out of doing work on a teachers end and also is negligence of real education. Being organized and having a direct plan of attack is great and I'm sure most teachers use packets just as a baseline, but my experience, sees this video scenario too often.

It probably is something along the lines of a conundrum where class sizes are exponentially getting bigger so teachers don't have the time to cater needs and just simply throw together a state mandated work packet and simply grade it and base all students skill sets off it.

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