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2 hours ago, tomsred said:


Walter Johnson,....."here, hit this shit."

A friend of my father, who had a cup of coffee with the Boston Braves in 1919, batted against Walter Johnson in spring training. He said that Johnson's fastball looked like it had a tail on it as it came in. He detailed one at bat and the conversation he had with the umpire:

Ump: Strike three!

Player: That sounded low.

Ump: (laughing) You didn't see it, did you?

Player: No.

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38 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

I can safely say that I was one of only about 10,000 to be there when Ryan set a record that may stand forever (383 Ks).

I was a 9 year old listening on the radio in my room. Rich Reese in the 11th inning, his 49th batter of the game and 16th K of the night. Turned out to be the last ML AB for Reese came in the series finale.

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One of the most underrated parts of this community is the first hand recollection of games that happened in the past. 

As for Nolan and his 383 k's.  I have a very early memory of my dad and brother listening to the game on a radio that was sitting on our old yellow kitchen table.  It's one of my earliest memories.  

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4 minutes ago, Stradling said:

I don't think it is, is it?  How is that different than bunting with a foot out of the box?  Not being argumentative just looking for clarification. 

The issue with the bunts is usually that they step on the plate and if you contact the baseball while stepping on the plate it's an automatic out. As far as the rest of the box you have to start with both feet at least in contact with the line then finish with one foot inside.

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Babe Ruth's final home run, with the Boston Braves. May 25, 1935. He hit three home runs that day, went 4-4, and drove in six runs.

Home run #714 was the first ball ever hit over the 86-ft high right field roof at Forbes Field. Estimates are that it traveled 550-600 feet before landing in a nearby street.

Ruth retired five days later.



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