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Milestones to look forward to for the rest of the year


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Since I have no desire to watch the games anymore, here is a depressing list of things I can periodically check on:


1) The Angels go back below .500


2) Trout's BA drops below David Murphy's


3) Trout's BA drops below CJ Cron's


4) The Angels drop below Tampa Bay in the WC standings


5) A winning streak of more than two games


6) A winning record in the last 10 games


7) A break-even road trip


8 - the offense helping out the pitching staff with a big game


Sigh.  Following this team right now, I know how Kif feels working for Zapp Brannigan.  Every day, more disappointments to look forward to, mixed in with the occasional hollow and completely accidental victory.

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How about a four-game series in Minnesota in mid-September where they knock us out of the second wild card spot for good?

And if that doesn't do it, a four-game series in Texas to end the season.

We're hanging by a thread right now.

Yep. If we were playing well and they were playing great and they had the same lead I would be optimistic, but since our team refuses to score runs on a consistent basis, I'm less than optimistic.

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Glen mentioning the "occasional hollow and completely accidental victory" brought to mind a couple of recent wins; the walk-off wild pitch game (Featherston scored?) and the game featuring three runs scored on wild pitches.


Some of these wins have been gifted to us by the opposition. I can't remember many where we dominated.

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As much as that would sku, I think a new ban on self-bans is in order. They played even worse baseball during it.

2003 is what this season has become.


without the euphoria of 2002 still fresh in the rearview mirror.

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The way they're playing, the only milestone I'm looking forward to is losing enough games to make sure they finish with a bottom 10 record. That way they don't have to put losing their first round pick into consideration when looking at some quality free agents. Unfortunately, right now they'd have to get 8 games below five hundred to get down to 10th spot. However, just like 1999, I feel confident that they have the right guy in charge to keep these guys going through the motions like they can't wait for the season to end.

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