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Matt Klentak a candidate for Phillies GM


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"MacPhail likely will replace Gillick as president and use the foreseeable future to evaluate the baseball-operations staff. It remains to be seen if MacPhail will bring anybody with him, either immediately or down the road. One source mentioned Angels assistant general manager Matt Klentak, 34, as a possibility to join the organization in the future. MacPhail hired Klentak as Orioles director of baseball operations in 2008, making him one of the youngest executives in baseball."


@jcrasnick: Another #Phillies GM candidate to watch: #Angels asst GM Matt Klentak. Andy MacPhail brought him to Baltimore in 2008.

He's the guy that should takeover for Dipoto, but I don't see any reason why he'd stay with the Angels over taking the Phillies GM job.

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Seeing this whole mess in person I just can't see how Klentak would ever take over as GM when he could go work for Andy McPhail in Philly. Why would any saber-inclinded GM ever want to come to Anaheim after this? Next thing you know we'll get some old school baseball GM and we'll be back to making bumbling moves and trades with the rest of the league.


I'm super depressed today I just can't help feel like this team took a trip back to the Stone Age.

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I think there's a real possibility that Scioscia opts out of his contract. If he does then it opens the door for anyone to become GM.

I'm not so sure about that.  


Mike Scioscia has the power of a GM and will make 18mil over the next three years.  He's got a team that is competitive and he's got Mike Trout.  He lives in socal and works in socal.  Any new position isn't likely to meet the same criteria.  The only possibility is that he's looking for a new challenge but there really isn't another situation that will be as good as this one for him.  

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Yeah, the only way I could see Scioscia opting out is if the Dodger job opened up. I don't think he's Andrew Friedman's type of guy, though. I'm very disappointed in this move today. It's likely now that any of the gains the Halos made in analytics will be lost as other teams swoop in to raid the Angels offices of those folks.

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Scioscia and the Phillies deserve each other!

While I agree with that assessment, if the Phils are rumored to be interested in hiring Dipoto and Klentak (I've read that in a couple of places), then Scioscia's no longer the type of guy they'd look for. If even the Phillies are waking up to analytics then the Halos may take their spot as the worst team in MLB for that side of baseball.

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Scioscia will not opt out. He's the highest paid manager in baseball, he's the most powerful manager in baseball and he's right here in SoCal. After this whole incident I have to think that teams are now aware that he is not a good fit with a statistically minded front office. This has to have a big impact on his desirability for other teams. 


There aren't exactly that many other teams out there who are looking for a strong field manager with an old school approach to lead an organization into the future. 

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