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Luis Jimenez Recalled - JB Shuck sent to AAA

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Yep... Luis Jimenez is off to a solid start too. 


The best part is, he's actually more selective at the plate. He has a plus .400 OBP and has walked 3 times vs. 4 whiffs. 


I've always loved his ability to get the BIG HIT in the minors. Something this team has desperately needed. 


Two of my favorite prospects are Witherspoon and Jimenez, so I'm pretty happy about this too. 

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Schuck optioned, Jiminez recalled.   Aybar on the field for BP.


Well, I guess that's probably a good sign that they opted not to DL Aybar or Callaspo.


Guessing Jimenez and Shuck switch places again once Aybar and/or Callaspo are able to play again.

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So Howie becomes the backup outfielder?


I guess?


Trumbo too I guess, but it becomes much harder to use him as such if he's DHing.


Hopefully this doesn't come back until after Aybar/Callaspo are healthy and they can option one of the infielders down.

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Sweet. Lucho deserved a shot at the third base job after a pretty great year in AAA last season and a great start to spring. He's hit at every level of the minors, and it's been consistent at every level.


I feel like the guys who end up flopping prospect wise are the guys that had an amazing year at one level, but then drastically different numbers at other levels.


Example: Howie Kendrick was great in 04 at Cedar Rapids, 05 at Rancho, 05 at Arkansas, 06 at AAA. Consistent numbers. Now he's never hit to those numbers in the majors, but he is a solid second baseman. Brandon Wood had an amazing year in the California League in 05, then disappointed in 06, then was okay in 07 in AAA, then good in 08…Up and Down.


Peter Bourjos was consistent in his A, AA, years then has a great AAA. Trumbo same thing. 


Jimenez has been consistent even more so than these guys. I know players take a step back when they transition to the majors, but I honestly believe Jimenez can be the same guy he has been over the past three or four years in the minors.

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