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All 30 MLB stadiums ranked


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I honestly can't believe Fenway is #2.  If it isn't bias then it's stupidity.  PNC Park I haven't been to yet, but I'll take everyone's word for it that it's the best.  I have however been to Petco, At&t, O.co, Chavez, Angel Stadium, Arizona, Fenway and Citi Field.  


At&t and Petco run neck and neck.  San Francisco has a better theme going but there's no better ball park experience than San Diego.  The trolley comes right in, they have kid-fields, swimming pools, volleyball courts, grassy areas to lay out, performers in the concourse and some of the best ball park food anywhere.  


Fenway would rank just above O.co, where I've had my life threatened on more than one occasion. 

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I thought the Big A ranking was generous...  I love Fenway because of its' history, the Green Monstah, and the location.  By that, I mean I love to VISIT it; I couldn't deal with the tiny/short walkways around the stadium for a full season.  I love Wrigley for much the same reason, plus the rooftops.


One of my favorites is AT&T (San Fran) park.  I love the quirky-lines, and splash-balls.


On my list of stadiums to visit PNC, Camden Yards, Petco, Coors, Kaufmann, Comerica, Minute Maid, and Citizens Bank.  The others are on the maybe list, while Marlins and Doyyer are probably nevers.

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Someday I'd love to visit all the stadiums, so far all I've gotten around to is LAA, LAD, SD, AZ and old Shea stadium.


I haven't been to a bunch. Angels Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Arlington (the old park and the new one), old Comiskey, Atlanta-Fulton County, DC Stadium (when the Senators played there).

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some man made structures get a pass on convenience because you step into history once you step inside. fenway and wrigley are two of these places, but admittedly i don't feel the hate towards other franchises that most experience through fandom.

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Seriously, that was my experience there.

I was in the outfield, my knees hitting the seat in front of me (and I'm short legged). The man next told me there was less room on the 3rd base side. The fans I met were friendly.

I liked US Cellular. Very nice stadium. I guess it's not as fancy as the others. Wrigley is a dump, imho.

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It's amazing how many So-Cal fans haven't been to Petco. I mean it's a couple hours down the road. The rest of the country would love to be that close to a ball club, it'd automatically make them your favorite team. Californians really are blessed to have so many professional baseball teams in one area.



i live in san diego, trust me, padre fans are cursed. they get one of the rawest deals in sports. petco is nice, but it pales by comparison to pnc and at&t. 

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I never understood why nobody likes the Big A.  Sure its not the fanciest ball park, its not located in a city with an actual nightlife, the surrounding area is super boring and its not exactly state of the art (it just now started using wifi).  But its still a good looking stadium, its easily accessible (unlike LA based venues), the scenery inside the ballpark is great (the rockpile and waterfall), and its a comfortable atmosphere to watch the game.  I personally think its a great stadium. 


Now if they would just get rid of that awful buttercup song.

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All I have been too are LAA LA SD AZ SF and Oakland

That have really turned dodger stadium into a nice ballpark the last few season. it's more interactive. The food options are a lot better than angel stadium. They added some stuff on the outfield entrances by the bullpens. Overall a stadium you have to go to if you can.

I like how San Diego is right in downtown same with SF. Their beer selection is also good at SD.

Oakland is a dump. I still enjoy it though

Arizona is nice. Especially when it 105 degrees and you walk into a air conditioned stadium.

The Big A is really old. Personally I'm starting not to like it.

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