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A's claim Yunel Escobar

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I'm curious- now that the A's and Angels are tied, who gets first dibs on waiver players?

I'm not sure why the A's need every player in Major League Baseball to be in their system, they can only field and pay so many of them, but i'm kind of amused...  

I'm not sure what getting a bunch of 2nd tier players would do for us anyway because if Trout/Pujols/Hamilton aren't hitting we simply won't win the division. They aren't going to sit- they are going to be in the lineup no matter what. Any extra position players we acquire are going to break Freese/Aybar/Kendrick and they have at least been making decent contact this week. 


We could use a legit DH since Ibanez didn't work out.. but i don't think we are going to get a great one at this point in the season. 

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Jaso probably to the 7 day dl with a concussion.

I'd have to assume the Angels would get first crack since they're losing the season series.

This. Oakland would get home field in a tiebreaker game if season ended now.
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I like this guy -- think it's a better pick up off waiver wire than Beckham......


can't beat Billy Beane on this stuff -- of course, A's probably had priority (over Halos) on waiver wire priority order when they got this guy.


Halos having just picked up Beckham probably wouldn't claim Escobar anyway -- but wouldn't put it past Beane to wait until the Halos claimed Beckham, have the A's pass on him and then pick up the better pick, Escobar,  next.


watch Escobar execute a perfect sac bunt and/or steal a critical base against us in next weekend's series and then top it off by making a stellar D play at 2B/SS as a late inning defensive replacement.


Meanwhile, Beckham may go 0-3 and make an E.

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I had thought that if two teams are in the post-season, and tied for the division title, that the season tiebreaker would be used in place of a one game playoff to break the tie.

A division title is not decided on a tiebreaker. They would play a game to decide who wins the division and who is the wild card.

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