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  1. Not sure how much it would take to get him, but he would fit like a glove. Walk and K rates are in line with his career norms, his ISO is higher than normal seems to be a product of bad luck (.228 average with a .264 BABIP). Just don't think the Angels have the depth of prospects to get a deal done that they'd be comfortable with. But maaaan, Belt would be a huge boost for the club. He'd be a great 3-4 hitter once Trout's back, but knowing Scioscia, he'll be the 5 hitter behind Pujols. 1-2-3-4-5 of Maybin, Trout, Belt, Pujols, and Calhoun has some potential (sans Pujols).
  2. Don't sleep on Austin Beck, that might be one of my favorite players from this draft.
  3. Chris and Elvin Rodriguez, Brandon Marsh, Jahmai Jones, Jaime Barria, and Eduardo Paredes (the next prospect to get the call). Foundation for rebuilding the farm. I'm hoping Bukauskas slides to #10 with some prospects getting some helium as the draft nears, that would be a nice mixture of upside and close-to-Major-League-ready the team needs. Take a couple more high-upside prep players (Marsh, Rodriguez, Williams, and Duensing) with the next couple of picks, get ready to jump back into the international market again. Very interested to see what Swanson and the new scouting department do.
  4. Never been high on Profar, if you can get him for next to nothing, that's the only scenario I'd welcome Jurickson.
  5. Won't have to have a debate when they're hitting 2 and 3 for the Angels.
  6. Trade Escobar for anything you can get, platoon Valbuena and Marte. Escobar's a one trick pony and don't think his .350 OBP and negative baserunning and defense is enough to make up for Revere/Maybin's .320-.330 OBP and + baserunning and average to + defense.
  7. Well if this spring is any indication, it hasn't worked
  8. Sounds like we should hope Jordon Adell hits this spring and makes everyone else drop down a spot.
  9. The one on Perez definitely supports the eye test, I feel like Carlos never squares up the ball
  10. Royals signing Moss, so that would seemingly eliminate them.
  11. I don't mind if Trout doesn't want to take place in it. Feel 100% okay with it, in fact.
  12. Ask Seattle fans how "secure" they feel about Felix and Iwakuma, health provided, Garrett and Skaggs are currently better. Felix has a ton of mileage on his arm.
  13. This is a pretty great minor league deal, this team is getting much deeper and deeper.