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  1. Weaver is the worst starter? How do you figure that? David Price had a bad night, so did James Shields. Does that make you feel any better?
  2. that was annoying. i wish i hadn't watched it. should have gone to Petco instead like i originally planned. Bartolo hit a HR but instead of watching that happen I sat through this turd of a game.
  3. they strung us along all the way into the 9th THEN decided to melt down.
  4. careful what you wish for. 1 on, nobody out top of 9
  5. We could use Bartolo's power in our lineup these days.
  6. i'm surprisingly ok with us being awful this season. I was in denial, then i was angry and then, miraculously, this morning I accepted. We are all going to live. it's been worse in the past and we ended up winning a WS title. At least now we have reason we're terrible. We lost our ace. case closed. Before we just sucked for embarrassing reasons.
  7. You know it's bad when you say to yourself, "Maybe I'll just get out my Padres jersey." Speaking of which, they're inducting Caminiti into their hall of fame. Wanna talk about that instead of this game? Anyone?
  8. giving Choi a few more chances before they send him back to wherever he came from? Orioles?
  9. Oh, and tonight is selfie stick night. because today being an Angels fan wasn't bad enough.
  10. we should never trade for young pitchers ever again. also, why are so many people blaming the medical staff? When I go into the doctor with a hemorrhoid I don't blame him for my condition. it's just wear and tear, man. it happens.
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