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Lock Richards Up Long-Term?

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No reason to fear arbitration at this point. He is having one successful season so far but with the rash of elbows blowing up across baseball maybe some caution needs to be entertained.


this is my thinking, as well. i hate to cast the evil eye his direction, but he's a ripe candidate for the surgery that shall not be named.

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Mark Prior, beautiful motion, everything pristine, arm is shot.  Jered Weaver, delivery screams elbow-ligament strain.  No elbow injuries to speak of.  Strasburg, Harvey, Fernandez, all have pretty safe throwing motion, all down with surgery.  Nolan Ryan, came up with tons of pre-release motion, took the strain off his arm but couldn't find the plate.  By the time he'd retired he'd resorted to pretty much hucking the ball up there at 98 mph, never had any arm trouble.  


You can try and teach a proper motion that'll save an arm, and that can help to a certain extent.  But at some point it really just comes down to the specific body.  Some pitchers have the joints, ligaments and muscles to endure pitching at the major league level, and some simply don't.  To say Garrett Richards will need surgery is a guess at the very best.  

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Are you guys Nostradmus? or you have a crystal ball that can see the future?


Because you all sound like you already know that his arm is going to blow up soon.


You can wait for another year or 2 years, 3 4 years and maybe he'll be injury free for 4 years and blow up his arm right after he signs a big contract, who knows?


Maybe he's got one of those iron arm that'll get through those wear and tears who knows?


Since nobody can predict the future then why worry about it.


The way GRich is pitching, the longer you wait, the price tag will get higher and higher.

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Wait.  His mechanics scream TJ.


That inverted W stuff is being discredited left and right first by Paul Nyman and most recently Dr James Andrews.  Here's a pretty decent link that had links to a bunch of different TJ story articles http://www.nationalsarmrace.com/?tag=james-andrews


Richards has a couple things I hope really help him out -- mostly his usage at an early age.  GR was a RP for his first two years he barely pitched a combined 50 innings his first two years and didn't top even 100 innings until age 21, he didn't get over 150 innings until he was age 23.  If Andrews is right and guys getting abused at an early age is the biggest factor towards injuries the Angels may be in a good spot.  


I think when it's all said and done every pitcher is one pitch away from a potential career ending injury but, the Angels development of Richards is probably about as solid as anyone could have done.


I'd wait but it has to do less than injury than it does his service time.  I do wish they'd limit his pitch counts a bit.

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There was nothing pretty about Prior's mechanics.




Prior was the poster boy for perfect mechanics, it's funny you point to his picture with the inverted W because he was the guy that Chris O'Leary basically based his entire argument on, I've heard him referred to as the "patient zero" of the inverted W crowd.  Prior to his breaking down there was little mention of the inverted W and risk of injury.  


Know who's mechanics everyone and their brother said Prior's mechanic's were identical to?



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I have zero idea about whether he'll need TJ surgery. But a lot can happen in 3.5 years. It depends on the deal but at this point it would have to be very team friendly. Look at Verlander. Pitchers are way more volatile than hitters especially when you factor in injury risk.

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