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Uh oh...Iraq

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Just my opinion of course but I believe even if we didn't eff up and go into Iraq, this kind of thing would have happened. I think the people of Iraq would have eventually tried to overthrow Saddam after looking at was happening in Syria, Libya, and Egypt. The country would have fallen into civil war and the terrorist organizations would have come into play and the same chaos would erupt.

Of course it's all hindsight and speculation but at least it's 500 billion dollars cheaper.

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Honestly it's not even energy.

If we napalmed the poppy fields the countries would totally collapse on themselves.

The US economy would have a big problem too. Most of the US cash cow opium orginates from Afghanistan. Roughly 14 years ago the Taliban started burning the poppy fields. It's all about money, drugs and petrodollars(Saudi Arabia); always has been. If it was about Terrorism the Saudis would have gotten the first bullet to the head. Edited by acro2008
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They're all the same


No doubt. It boggles my mind that Obama wants to put troops and weapons into Syria to fight Assad. If we take him down it will be Iraq part deux. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that some of the "insurgents" that took over Mosul are being supported by the US when they're in Syria.

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This is why the region was run by dictators to begin with. Every tribe, every region, every imam, will alter the rhetoric by a word or two then send the minions in to fight to the death. You either get peace enforced by threat of annihilation or anarchy fueled by the gullibility of the masses. Anarchy makes it harder for us to exploit them. 

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Man, that war is the gift that keeps giving.  **** you Bush and the Joint Chiefs for getting us into this.


And a hearty Thank You to Obama for keeping his promise of bringing our troops home

if he is elected.... the first time.


Hope you didn't actually take that to the bank.

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