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Best I've felt about the team in years

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No trades unless you are in first place and you are significantly improving your team in that one spot.  Trades get you rentals, over priced players, or club controlled guys that cost you more than it should.  


I also don't like JD's track record for bringing in established players for prospects.  Something like a DDLR or Frieri type deal would be acceptable.  


The other thing you could do is to wait till after the draft and sign Drew to make Aybar or Kendrick expendable and use one of them to get a starting pitcher.  Or you could sign Drew to play 3b.


I would actually bring up Alvarez and Bedrosian now so you can get an idea as to whether they are going to contribute so you at least know whether an additional pen arm is going to be necessary.  

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every team has weaknesses. the angels struggle with risp, but that is not something that we can fix in season. what the angels can effectively change to bolster the team is depth and quality of options. that's why playoff teams add a bat to the bench or an arm to the pen or rotation. 


the angels have a need for a starter and a bigger need for a closer. they're not going to become a flawless team, that's just not reasonable. accepting that you can only correct a few of the teams flaws or weaknesses, i would add the closer. if he's effective, the trickle down effect would be monumental for the pen.

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I strongly disagree we need a closer. We simply need more reliable bull pen options to trust in high leverage situations.

We also need SP depth. Who is our #7 SP right now? Most teams use more than 10 starters per year I think.



i'm the one who posted the number of starters used by playoff teams last year, so your point is not lost on me. however,we'll just have a philosophical difference of opinion. many teams struggle with starting pitching depth or the 5th starter slot, depending on how you want to approach the topic. the angels are not unique in that regard. the problem with the bullpen and the reason why i believe we need a closer is that we have been losing the games that were supposed to be wins. i acknowledge the bullpen has improved lately. i'd imagine that the 5th starter spot on a good team averages around .500 ball, that's an educated guess. upgrading that spot while worthwhile, would pale to the number of losses we've sustained in both close and late and small lead scenarios. the angels record in one run games is a testament to that.


as far as the established closer is concerned, it's not like i have a hard on for the closer position. for the angels specifically it could have a dramatic effect on the quality of the bullpen in it's entirety, simply by slotting everyone else down. i know i've said this a million times, but it's only because i can see the benefit so clearly.

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I still have the same feeling.. One loss doesn't change a thing.


For some reason Tampa Bay always seems to have the Angels' number. Even before this game I saw the Angels at best splitting the series.


The real test will be how the Angels handle the Astros series. If they sweep that series I'll feel good about them. If they lose or even get swept at home by the Astros like last year, not so much. 

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... has a worse record than Mike Scoscia this season

the implication is that because Joe Maddon used to be on the coaching staff with the Angels, he has a strategic advantage against us in games. For example, if Scioscia has in fact never changed his signs in the last eight years, and Maddon remembers them, that could explain why the Rays often beat us.

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Nice ABs by Conger, Navarro and Cowgill to set the table. Wow! Sweet victory!

This. All 3 worked 2 strike counts into something. This is after having a demoralizing first 8 innings

Loving the depth right now! Theres plenty of 'good guys'. Im not gonna compare talent to 2002....but theres the same feeling (for me). A bunch of home grown (or aquired in the minors) guys EVERYBODY wrote off that are gonna make fans out of everyone.

Fingers crossed they keep it up....either way, loving the character and chemistry

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