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Shuck over Cowgill


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I simply don't get this. Shuck isn't hitting. Cowgill is hitting. 


If it's the righty-lefty thing, I'll just point out that Cowgill has a .286 BA against both righties and lefties. He has a 1.018 OPS against righties and a .824 OPS against lefties.


Shuck has a .537 OPS against righties and a .170 OPS against lefties. THAT's OPS not batting average. He's slugging .059 against lefties. 


Cowgill should start every day in RF. Until Calhoun returns healthy.


And as for LF….Until Hamilton is back...


Matt Long isn't doing great in SLC, but he's doing better than Shuck. Shuck isn't a great defender, so if they don't bring up Long and his .738 OPS this year than I should remind everyone that...


Grant Green is killing the ball. .968 OPS. He can play 2nd, SS, 3rd, and can probably play the OF. 


CJ Cron is killing the ball. .979 OPS….strictly a 1B or DH, but yeah, killing the ball.


I'd rather see Green or Cron up, with Ibanez or Kendrick playing the OF, than Shuck continue to get starts every day.


Cron as the DH, or at 1st, with Pujols the DH, and Ibanez in the OF is preferable to Shuck. And I know Ibanez isn't hitting, but he's going to be in the lineup most days anyway. This way they get Cron or Green in there instead of Shuck…and that's a win win.




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I agree that Cowgill should be playing, for the most part, over Shuck.


Killing the ball in in the PCL is another matter.  Those numbers always have to be looked at skeptically. Shuck had an 1.108 OPS when he was there. Cron is 15th in the league in OPS and Green is 18th.  

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It was cute when some argued Shuck deserved a spot on the Opening Day Roster.

The player seems like a nice guy. It is absolutely not personal. He is simply a AAAA player who can only play LF in the Show, doesn't walk and has little power...

He had "power" last year yet still people b*tched about him. May be a one trick pony since this year he is fielding better but not hitting.

Personally I could do without the constant graveyard signings...

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HIs fielding is downright awful at times. The metrics don't show that he frequently get's a bad jump or that he is not even close to balls that other left fielders would catch. 


The Washington game last week when Frieri blew the save, well, had Bourjos or Trout or Hamilton or even Garrett Anderson been playing in left, the first hit would've been played properly and not bounced around the corner, and the second would've been an out. 


Everyone used to make fun of Anderson's fielding, but he was smart, and didn't play balls to the wall like Erstad. He knew when he was going to catch something and when it was smarter to play it on a hop. Shuck plays like Darin Erstad without the great instincts. 


As for his hitting, right before the Angels started their comeback last night, he swung at a pitch that was so far inside, I'm surprised it didn't hit him. Totally clueless swing. Totally clueless hitter.

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Also, Grant Green has always hit well in PCL, he's been there for a number of seasons. He hit in college, and lets not forget, did well last year too in the Majors. The guy was a former first round pick out of USC. 


Green could be factored into the lineup in a number of ways. He doesn't have to play the OF.


And I realize Cron is not currently on the 40 man, but there are position players who could be removed from the roster who would clear waivers. It's not that tight of a roster. 


As for needing to do that for guys like RJ Alvarez and Cam Bedrosian, lets not forget that Josh Wall is currently on the 40 man roster….as are several other relievers who are expendable. We don't need to worry about losing a good prospect. 

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I will give JB credit.  He has looked much better defensively this year than last.  His routes are still a wreck and it's not overly pretty, but he's getting to pretty much everything he should and his fairly strong accurate arm has shown to be useful. 


The problem is that even with slightly above average defense, his offensive game is such that he has to hit above .300 in order to even be at or slightly above replacement level for a corner OFer. 


Some mentioned him being Reggie Willits 2.0, and if he were, that would actually give him some value.  He had a 12% walk rate in the minor yet with the halos, he's swinging at everything and makes a ton of weak contact.  His popup rate is higher than his line drive rate. 


His p/pa is 3.06.  Even Aybar is better. 


So his value as a 4th or 5th OFer is essentially tied to him not swinging and all he has done is swing. 

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