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michael sam


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I'd like to be optimistic but take a look at this. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20140209/michael-sam-draft-stock/?eref=sihp


The contrast in courage between Sam and these executives commenting anonymously is quite large. I know only one team needs to have the balls to pick him but most teams say they don't want the "baggage" like being gay is comparable to the many misfits the NFL drafts every year.

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As a casual fan, without a team, this will be interesting. 


I'm guessing teams will be polling their players to get their thoughts on this. Sucks, but at the end of the day execs, coaches, players are paid to win games. The ROI on drafting him has to be a +. Hopefully this works out for him. 

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They are paid to win games but I doubt any other mid round pick would require polling of the players. I would hope that any team that drafts him would just tell the coaches and players that if they don't like it, too damn bad because he can play. 


I agree with you in spirit. In reality though, the potential for distraction and chemistry issues could be detrimental. I'm not as cynical though as the anonymous asshats in that article. I'd bet most players these days are fine with it. I think there will be plenty of suitors. Hopefully, some high profile players come out and support him. 

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There is definitely potential for distraction and chemistry issues but that's not Sam's fault. Another good point being brought up is that Missouri had a pretty good season and they knew the entire time, if a college team doesn't get distracted why should we expect that out of professionals? I think the players will be fine, it's the coaches and execs who might have a harder time. I will definitely be checking out the middle rounds of the draft now when before I wouldn't give a crap.

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The sooner this country stops worrying about each other's sexual preference and focuses on the real issues (economy, gov't waste, and freedoms eroding), the better.

Thumbs up to Michael Sam

The only reason the Rams should not draft him is because we are already deep in the defensive front 7. We need OL and DB help in the early rounds.

Now if for some stupid reason no one drafted him through the 3rd round, then if I'm the Rams GM, I draft him anyway because they hopefully already drafted the necessary OL and DBs and then Sam would clearly be the best player remaining.

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I actually wanted to post this on the whole distraction aspect, but this looks better and funnier than how I would talk about the rest of the distractions in the NFL.



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