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Wearing player jerseys


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I prefer wearing team shirts and hats to jerseys, but will sometimes wear a jersey.  Only problem is that I only have hockey/baseball jerseys with MY name on the back.  It's not that I'm against it; it's just really expensive.


I think part of the fun of losing yourself in rooting for sports teams, is identifying with your favorite players.  For me, I really get a kick out of how dolled-up some fans get!


I'll probably go-out just like "Dirt" in Beer League", with my uniforms on (actually, cremated with me me and spread in the crease, home plate, and the ocean).

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Yea, I would only wear these to Angel events or if I am going somewhere to specifically watch the game. I have worn a jersey to a fantasy draft before. I have a few jerseys that I like to wear to the game. On throwback night I will wear my Nolan jersey. Opening day its usually Weaver (#56) jersey from his rookie year. I have a couple Trout Jerseys, one from the All Star Game. I also have a Pujols Jersey, that I only wear when I am hanging out with Hamiltown or YoT.

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I don't have that many jerseys.


I have a GA jersey, Pujols jersey and a periwinkle Chili Davis jersey that I never wear.  I wear the other two when I go to games.  I got Pujols because he was going to be with the team for 10 years.  I should have gotten Trout but it was before he came up.


I also have a Peyton Manning Colts jersey that I wear at home on game day.


I have a couple UCLA jerseys that I wear on game day as well.


I would wear any of them out to any sporting event or bar, etc but not just any day for the hell of it.  I wear tshirts, hats, etc for that.

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im lazy and have an old kobe #8 and lebron cavs alternate jersey that i wear around the house. however, next thing you know im taking the dog for a walk or running to the store and that means im wearing these in public. i strangely get compliments from youngster because they are throwbacks or old school, for lack of a better term. i still have a troy glaus jersey, but dont wear it. im not down with "sports guy" that wears them with pride or is the dumb bro jock.


blanks are cool for sporting events, but its a fine line. i think dudes that wear nfl jerseys to bars give it a bad name. i think old school ones are ok, but not current players. nothing like some 49 year old geeking out in a trout jersey. just seems lame.

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I have a lot of jerseys.


Albert Pujols authentic Angels jersey. I only wore it once to a game. 

Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey. I usually just wear it around the house.

4 Ducks Jerseys (2 no name Mighty Ducks jerseys, 1 Paul Kariya jersey, no name Ducks 3rd jersey)

3 Boston Bruins jerseys (no name, Patrice Bergeron, Tim Thomas)

3 New England Patriots jerseys (2 Tom Brady, 1 Rob Gronkowski) I had a Aaron Hernandez jersey but I sold it. 


It's mostly my Patriots jerseys that leave the closet. I wear them every game day.  B)

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