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Back to our country being a murderous entity

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We keep killing innocent civilians with our drones. 


Then we wonder why Al Quaida keeps getting recruits.  Are we any better than them?

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That was my biggest issue with being involved in Syria Scott.


I don't trust our government to do anything for the right reason right now.  Since WWII I can't remember a place where our milary left a place better than what is was before we got there.


( and since we basically sold out eastern europe to the soviet union I'm not sure we could even say that)

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Recruitment is really secondary here. Just like we always find a rallying cry to get our recruits they will always manage to get theirs as well.


To me the issue is us deciding what principles we stand for and living by them. How many women, children, old men, livestock are we willing to kill and call it necessary collateral damage in the name of our security?


If we're going to sit in a windowless room in the Nevada desert and shoot fish in a barrel 9,000 miles away then how accurate should we aim to be? Or maybe the powers that be think it sends a proper message that even being in the same province with these people we deem high value targets is a potential death sentence and it's their responsibility to help us isolate them for more precise slaughter?

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Is it really in the name of our security though?  Well, I guess that is what they say it is the name of but I don't really buy it.


For me, the idea that the country I live in is responsible for so much death and destruction is tragic and embarassing.  I feel pretty damn helpless about it and pretty mad too.

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Our government is pretty shitty

And it keeps getting worse and worse. How are we supposed to trust our leaders who can be bought and sold so easily in Washington? How do we trust a president who uses forces the citizenry into a healthcare system that is going to cost more than we've been told, and where those who don't join up are penalized? Our national cesspool is full, but the people with the shovels just keep throwing more crap onto the pile.

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How much money are we going to pour into this place?


"The first thing the Prime Minister will ask for is to accelerate the processes for the shipment of drones and F-16s," said Safa al-Sheikh Hussein in an interview with Reuters.

"The initial response from the U.S. was positive, but it depends on the delivery time. We want them immediately."

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