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Todd Helton to retire following 2013 season


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I don't know about the HOF. He didn't reach any of the typical offensive benchmarks like 3000 hits or 500 homers, and a lot of voters still weigh those pretty heavily.

I know that Jon Heyman also puts a lot of stock in where he finished in things like MVP voting.

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Todd Helton was a beast from 2000-2004, and pretty darn good for a few seasons besides those.  He has little hardware to show for it, of course, because he had the misfortune of peaking during the height of the steroid ERA.  A lot of what he did was also discounted for being in Colorado, even though his park adjusted numbers show he was still very good regardless.


I almost feel like his longevity hurts him as well.  He's put up so many average years since his prime that we only remember him for what he is now and forget what he once was.  I think he has a small chance to get in because so many others stars of that era will be held under scrutiny for either possible or confirmed steroid use, whereas he's always been presumed clean.

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He backed up Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee. Always liked Helton he is a classy player. Great that he spent all 17 seasons with the Rockies. Don't believe that he will make it into the HOF. 

He also backed up Heath Shuler. 


As a freshman and sophomore, he backed up Heath Shuler at quarterback. Entering his junior season in 1994, he was the back-up to Jerry Colquitt and ahead of Peyton Manning. After Colquitt tore knee ligaments in the season opener at UCLA, Helton took over as the starter. Three weeks later against Mississippi State, he suffered a knee injury himself and was replaced by Manning. Manning went on to break several records and eventually be drafted first overall by the Indianapolis Colts.[5] Helton did, however, win the Dick Howser Trophy as National Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year following his junior baseball season. .

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Actually, I just copied and pasted that from his wikipedia page, but I remember most of that.

Watched him play in the Rose Bowl in 1994 when the starting Tenn QB (Colquitt) blew out his knee....he was a pretty good college QB, maybe the best I've ever seen in High School, but you knew his future was in baseball....the Manning guy who eventually replaced him in 1994, was pretty good, I seem to rememeber..... :)

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DUI's are still about responsible driving they just happen to carry much stiffer penalties than they did in the past which I have no problem with.  Him having one doesn't mean he's not a class act just means he was a dumbass and luckily no one got hurt.


Seeing that he's retiring makes me feel old since I remember collecting his rookie card which I still have 1 or 2 of.  I believe it's topps traded with him in the team USA uniform.  I think that the era he played in along with half his games being in Colorado will keep him out of the hall but he was an awesome player.

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