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Conger and Calhoun? Yea or Nay


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Both have shown that their bat is good enough to play in the big leagues.  Conger has shown that he can be a mid .700 ops guy which is solid for an MLB catcher.


Calhoun is the only player, other than Trout, with an OPS over .800, which with his OBP, I think a .780 to .800 is pretty realistic possibility over the course of the season. 


I would be perfectly fine going into next season with these two guys penciled in as starters.  I like Calhoun, he seems to bring some intensity and excitement to the clubhouse. 

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I'm okay with both.  I do want to see a much larger sample size with Calhoun before I would get too excited about what he can do.  Can he adjust to the pitching book on him during a long season?  We're catching starved, Conger over Iannetta is an easy one for me; I'm just not an Iannetta fan at all.

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A ginger and a chinaman. Sign me up!






I was a bit concerned with Calhoun when he went through that brief slump, but he's come back strong again and I think he's going to live up to expectations.  I think a .280/.360/.475 type line is well within reach next year.

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I am holding out hope that they trade Calhoun for Kershaw.

Oh please. You know damn well they couldn't get Kershaw for Calhoun :rolleyes:

It would take AT LEAST Calhoun and Jeppy to get the talks started. Throw in Buckner to sweeten the deal.

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Yes to Conger cause we don't have any better options. Yes to Calhoun and even though I've been a Bourjos fan all along I think I might finally agree with trading him and have an outfield of Trout/Calhoun/Hamilton. We package Bourjos and Kendrick for a SP and then suddenly we just might be a good team with some bullpen moves as well.

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