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What do you pay for cell service and what do you get?

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$119.65 including taxes and fees


Two lines with 550 peak minutes with rollover

Unlimited nights and weekends

Unlimited mobile to mobile

3 gig data plan on my line ($25)

200 meg data plan on my Wife's ($15)

Unlimited family text messaging ($30 and almost a complete waste of money for us but the way ATT does texting plans it doesn't make sense to do any other plan.  We probably send a max of 300 texts and half or more of them are iPhone to iPhone so they go iMessage and don't even count as texts.)

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Some grandfathered ATT program that doesn't exisit anymore from back in the Cingular days.


Unlimited everything but talk, which I think is 450, but I have more rollover than the continent of Africa.

Looks like I'm over paying and need to make a call.

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We're with Verizon Wireless.


We pay about $160 per month for two lines.  That includes all taxes, fees, etc.


We have 700 shared minutes, unlimited Verizon-to-Verizon calling, unlimited night/weekend calling (I think).


Unlimited data, 250 shared SMS.  We also pay for the "phone insurance" I forget how much that costs, maybe $8 per month per phone.


Based on what I'm reading here it sounds like we're paying too much.  We've fulfilled our contract so we're free to do something different.  It's not as if we MUST have new phones, our phones are 2+ years old but they're good enough, we're not phone geeks.

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Boost Mobile. Yep, I do the prepaid thing.  $40 a month, unlimited EVERYTHING, talk, text, web, including taxes.  It's an arm of sprint, and I've NEVER had a problem with it, neither has hubby, who travels almost constantly.  And I have a really nice HTC Evo 4g..

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1 Galaxy Note (mine)

1 Samsung Galaxy S3

4 iPhone 4S


I pay $282 per month for a 1500 anytime minute family plan which includes free mobile to mobile (that's any mobile phone to and from any provider), free minutes after 7pm, unlimited texts and data.


My group averages well over 3000 texts per month, consume between 8-10 gigs of data, and stay well within our minute plan.  

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