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It is sad when...

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The puzzling thing about the Howard contract is that in the two years prior to it, 2010-11, he had clearly fallen from his 2006-09 prime, in which he averaged 49.5 HR a year (!). In 2010-11 he averaged 32 HR and by the time 2011 was over his numbers were in a three-year downward trend. So what do the Phillies do? Reward him with a 5/$125MM contract. Crazy.


At least with Pujols there was good reason to believe that he would reverse at least some of his more moderate downward trend--which was also three years, but only the last year (2011) was significantly lower than his career norms and was attributed partially to distraction due to contract dispute. Not to belabor the point, but Pujols' quick collapse as an elite hitter remains a complete mystery, or at least if we're unwilling to entertain the possibility that he's older than he says he is.

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Ryan Howard is the cautionary tale of giving a player a 10 year deal.  You look at his numbers, and after his 3rd full season in the MLB with 58 HR's, it seemed like he was going to be a can't miss superstar/face of the MLB.  Instead it has gone a steady downhill for the next 8 years, where at 34 years old, he is hitting in the teens in the HR department and might not have an OPS above 700.

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it's sad when I can't keep up with all the topics...


Let's see...


Fire Sosh

Fire Butcher

Albert sucks...

Cron over Raul

Navarro over Cron

Weaver is not an ace...

Hamilton may never homer again

Play Calhoun every day

Joe Thatcher sucks

C.J. Wilson is done

Howie is still over-rated

Angels go 3-4, board panics...


How will this team ever dig its way out of the hole its in?

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