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Players with lowest trade value (according to Dave Cameron)

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Yep, almost as bad as NY bad contracts. ARod, Tex, hell even Bonilla is STILL be paid by the Mets.

They are both untradeable but the Angels would have to pay more dollar to get rid of Pujols than the Yankees would have to pay for Arod's contract just due to more years left on it.

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I do not agree that Mauer has lower trade value than Matt Kemp. Kemp is signed for a year longer, and has put up 2 awful seasons in a row now. Combine that with the fact that he has serious injury problems and is a horrible defensive player, and I'd take Mauer's contract over his pretty easily.


Per B-Ref:


Kemp's last 3 years:


2012 (106 games): 2.4 WAR

2013 (73 games): 0.5 WAR

2014 (86 games so far): -1.2 WAR


Mauer's last 3 years:


2012 (147 games): 4.3 WAR

2013: (113 games): 5.3 WAR

2014: (76 games so far): 0.7 WAR


Mauer seems like the safer bet to have at least a little bit of a bounceback. Kemp has been completely toast the last 2 years. 


Mauer is owed 1.5M more per season, but like I said, has one less year on his contract than Kemp does

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I never thought I would see another team give out a contract like The Pujols Blunder.

but Detroit seemed determined to outdo us.

yeah seriously. I thought for sure we would be the 'voice of reason' for other teams from here on out. And miggy had a couple of years left on his last deal I think?

That ones gonna sting for sure. He is a hall of famer, and likely as a tiger, but still. I would assume they would have been smart enough to go less years

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