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Cam Up Green Down

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I don't understand why people get upset over these roster moves.  This is part of the everyday life of a baseball team.  The team doesn't end with the 25 who are up here.  The real team is about 40 players deep, and some of it is fluid, i.e. it changes depending on the circumstances that the major league team finds itself in.  We've used 45 different players so far this year, they have all had some impact positively and/or negatively.  It takes about that many to win a championship.

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Kind of feel bad for Green.  Has done nothing but produce when called upon and still can't hold a roster spot. 


It's probably just because of them having had to use the pen some yesterday.


I'm sure he would rather be up with the big league team but he's basically wasting away currently and he would be better off playing everyday.   Green has had all of 13 at bats since June 6th and posted a .297 OPS over that span.  I'm not saying those numbers mean he sucks, Im saying those numbers probably suck because he isn't playing.


I wouldn't be shocked to see him be back up after the all star break.

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IMO -- this is a temporary move to get through the weekend..........Green back up after the ASG break -- also -  it is common (or used to be ) to send younger players down during the ASG break so they could get every day / starting line up playing time..........so that's part of this as well.

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I would not give up Green and Bedrosian for Street.

Yeah, Green and Bedrock wouldn't get it done anyway, another would have to be included.

But Green (who is blocked and pretty much unproven, though with upside offensively) and Bedrosian (who maybe a closer in the future) and another fringy guy, could get the final piece for the bullpen.

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Imagine if you could give Mike (Roles) Scioscia another Donnely/Shields/Percival type of bullpen for the 7-8-9 innings.

Jepsen/Smith/Street could be that reincarnation, especially it would work well for our young starters in the playoffs (Skaggs/Richards) and even for Wilson and Weaver.  To get THAT bullpen for Green (not really gonna do much for the Angels anyway), Bedrosian (they may regret moving him, eventually) and one other minor league guy, you have to do it, IMO.


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